FULL STACK MARKETING - Say hello to the new guy in the startup

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Full Stack Marketing, or in short FSM, is the Full Stack Developer’s (FSD) new best friend!

Full Stack Marketers are the Full Stack Developer’s counterpart in the marketing field, meaning they are the marketing engine of the project. They understand all stages of marketing, advertising and sales, and can execute them according to a clear strategy and marketing plan written specifically for the start-up of which they are a part of.

FSM is a critical element in the early stages of any start-up (as early as the idea stage), no less critical than the programmer and sometimes even more. The significance of FSM is in targeting the correct audience for the start-up, and then assisting in matching the product / service to that specific audience. This ultimately saves the company a great deal of time and money, which are especially critical at the outset.

So one might ask, what is the difference between FSM and CMO (VP Marketing)?What are the required skills for the FSM position? How and where does one learn to be a FSM? How does a company locate and recruit the most suitable FSM?How can a company pay the FSM if it doesn’t have capital?

The answers to all of the above and much more practical information on marketing for startups will be given at the meetup – so hurry and sign up to save a spot!

It is of utmost importance for us to give you value, value, and some more value, so that you leave this meetup with practical tools in marketing that you can start implementing in your own startup.

We invite you to start sending us questions for us to answer during the meetup in a focused, clear and concise way.

Here’s to your success!
The teams of GVI and UpSideDown

Please note: The meetup will be held in Hebrew.