GOTO Night - Pragmatic View on Microservices

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Microservices have been a hot topic over the last couple of years: with companies like Netflix successfully building their platforms on top of many small services, owned by equally small teams, and the rise of containerization on the ops side it seems that everyone is doing some form of Microservices-based architecture nowadays.

Most discussions about the implementation of a Microservices based infrastructure start by evaluating the various technical options and challenges that it comes with. However, the real business value isn’t in these technical choices, but in the functionality.

In this presentation I will introduce Axon Framework and show a small case study on refactoring monolith to Microservices based architecture.

Introducing Axon Framework
Axon is a coherent java framework developed with one goal: solving common application complexity to enable developers to focus on the essence of business problems.

Axon Framework offers extreme application scalability, handling a huge number of concurrent events or maintaining application consistency in distributed systems. Axon Framework is based on CQRS principles and fits in the modern architectural pattern of Microservices.

Microservices is a journey, not a destination: a real-life travel report
In this presentation you will see a small case study of how we are in the process of refactoring a large monolithic application to a Microservices-based architecture. The system we will be showing is Ysis, a multidisciplinary Electronic Patient Record System for health care developed by Gerimedica. This won't be a "here's our greenfield project where we applied microservices by the book" kind of talk: this will rather be a "here's our 20+ man-year monolith and how we are still in the process of splitting it up" case.

Joris Kuipers, Lead Architect at Trifork

Joris (@jkuipers) works as a hands-on architect for Trifork Amsterdam in markets as diverse as education, healthcare, news media and government. Before that he was a trainer and consultant for Spring Source, and he still teaches the occasional Spring training for the GOTO Academy. He has been working with Enterprise Java for more than 15 years.