5+ Great Tech Talks, 1 Afternoon: Special GOTO CPH Meetup

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GOTO Nights Copenhagen
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This evening features talks on bootstrapping Machine Learning on Code, building GDPR-compliant apps, empathy and more.

Please note that we will only serve drinks and snacks during the event – feel free to bring more proper food if you would like!

TALK 1: Uniprocess: Developing apps that comply with GDPR by technical means
with Ramón Soto Mathiesen, Computer Scientist at SPISE MISU

Many companies are providing services to help us comply with GDPR but very few, if any, provide tools that help us develop apps that technically comply. Law firms provide legal services, at high prices, while other consultancies, provide a lot of paperwork.

An uniprocess encapsulates a process, seen from a commercial point of view, where it is known at all times what data enter and leave the process. Developed in Haskell, a functional programming language that has a clear separation between code that makes effects and the one that doesn't, it is very easy to ensure these claims by using granulation and restriction of side-effects. Therefore, it is obvious to see that the development itself has to meet with the design of the process similar to microservices, since the binaries are distributed with Docker containers. To help the work of the EU Data Protection Agencies, both Haskell binaries and Docker images/containers will have a Reproducible Build Hash (RBH). With this RBH, you can mathematically show, that the software, which is currently executed, comes from the source code.

TALK 2: Visualizing Abstractions
with Carmen Andoh, Snazzy Rsync Empress at TravisCI
A picture is worth a ten thousand words in code. ~ancient proverb.
“The drawing shows me at a glance what would be spread over ten pages in code.” ~Ivan Turgenev
You've heard variations of this quote and know it to be true. Text in your editor is the lossiest way to represent our thoughts & processes, yet it is the one we must work with when we code.
Come get a whirlwind tour of the history of visualizing & abstractions, thoughts from the masters of our craft to help you put all those pieces together and back into thousands of lines of code.

TALK 3: Bootstrapping Machine Learning on Code with ideas from NLP
with Hugo Mougard, Deep Learning Engineer at source{d}

Machine Learning on Code is gaining steam at an exponential
rate in recent times, for good reasons: it will have a tremendous
impact on the way we produce and manage code (and hence value). As a
new field (at least compared to other more established research
domains), it can feel like everything needs to be (re-)invented. This
talk will argue instead that there are many parallels between Natural
Language Processing, an established field active for more than 60
years with a hugo body of research and this new and exciting machine
learning domain. We will see how ideas from parsing, information
retrieval, topic similarity or even machine translation can be applied
to code.

TALK 4: Cultivating Empathy
with Dajana Günther, Community Manager for Trifork DE GmbH
When considering how to design products, teams, or even every day household objects, empathy doesn't end up on the required features list. Yet, without empathy, teams with enormous technical skills can fail in their quest to deliver quality products to their users. Incredible projects fail to create communities because they don't exercise it. Fail at empathy, and your chances of failing at everything skyrockets.

Contrary to what you may have heard, empathy is not something you're innately born with - it's a skill that can be learned, cultivated, refined and taught to others. In this presentation, your lovely co-speakers will discuss the value of empathy, how you can cultivate it in yourself and your organizational culture, and conclude with concrete steps for leveling up in your interactions with your fellow human beings.

TALK 5: Using event sourcing for GDPR compliance
with Kenny Bastani, Developer Advocate at Pivotal and Jakub Pilimon, Spring Developer Advocate