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Together with Copenhagen AWS User group we are happy to have Eric Johnson around for our Meetup Monday. Eric is in town for GOTO Copenhagen but have also found time to do a presentation on Thinking Asynchronously. We heard it should be fun, but also provide you with some key take aways you can use in your work life.


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Speed matters, and developers are challenged to reduce latency in their applications at every turn. In traditional synchronous programming patterns, users are asked to monitor the spinning wheel as the application moves from one task to the next until a response can be returned. However, developers can reclaim these precious milliseconds by learning to think asynchronously.

Asynchronous patterns challenge developers to evaluate what tasks require the client to wait versus what can be done after the fact. When developing serverless applications on AWS this process is made easier by the asynchronous and polling patterns that are native to AWS Lambda.

In this session I will demonstrate taking an existing translation application that is synchronous and modifying it to use asynchronous patterns. This will be accomplished using Amazon DynamoDB Streams and the recently released Amazon EventBridge.

More about the speaker - Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson is a Senior Developer Advocate for Serverless Applications at Amazon Web Services and is based in Northern Colorado. Eric is a fanatic about serverless and enjoys helping developers understand how serverless technologies introduces a major paradigm shift in how they approach building and running applications at massive scale with minimal administration overhead. Prior to this, Eric has worked as a developer, solutions architect and AWS Evangelist for an AWS partner company.

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