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GOTO Copenhagen 2018
Brave New World Our world of technology is rapidly changing. We can compute more, faster. We can analyze incredibly large datasets efficiently and quickly. We can rapidly build applications that communicate in real-time with servers, mobile phones and all kinds of connected devices. But our technology-led advancements also highlight the rising importance in humanity and ethics along with privacy and security – after all, big data also includes our personal data. As developers, we have an ethical imperative to do our due diligence when creating software – but where and how to start? At this year’s GOTO Copenhagen conference, we’ll discuss how to plan, prepare and conquer this Brave New World of software. We’ll review how past innovations (and mistakes) lead to incredible new opportunities for all kinds of technologies and how we can prepare ourselves for future advancements. Our speakers are top practitioners helping teams and organizations adopt new tools and technologies including Machine Learning, Serverless and DevOps, and internationally-recognized thought leaders and researchers planning for the Web 3.0. For your 10% discount on the conference, please use london2go2. For group discounts, contact Maria.

Bella Center

Bella Center · Copenhagen