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Thanks SO MUCH For Stopping By...

'And A Warm Winter Welcome To (GCH-T.O.) Green Community Hub - Toronto!

Historically, this group's meetups have embraced a technically-oriented flavour; and that's definitely a big part of making things happen through learning and understanding about how things work...

'Personally Empowering As Well!

So lets maintain that tradition somewhat; while also allowing other Meetup Groups who's specialties also encompass Urban Infrastructure & Anthropocentricity... to carry that ball primarily. On occasion, there are likely to be overlaps; and of course, that's fine. This Is After All.. All About "Community".

By the same token, as the new organizer/administrator of this group, I'd like to invoke additional elements of interactivity, artistic fun, outdoorsmanship, film screenings... and a broader range of interdisciplinary overlaps into GCH-T.O., all made possible by inviting facilitators and guest participants who contribute in well-coordinated ways, to enthusiastically unleash and present (experientially) - Different Ways Of Being.

'Each Gathering Being (Of Course), Well-Focused & Thematically-Centered Around A Given Core Topic.

We Are One World/One People in a greater context; through our associations with rest of The Natural World.

Our diversity is our strength, and each of us carries important skills and gifts that are highly prized, when it comes down to how we can contribute to this fine balancing act (called LIFE) that each of us systematically juggles-on-the-fly within The Living Gaea-Sphere.

Compared to more rural self-reliant ways... urban living is complex; yet, it is through this complexity and interdependency that WE ( like the People of The Greater Toronto Area ) become empowered by our having access to vast, expansive and seemingly-endless material resources, transportation options, technologies... and even the disciplines and valuable life-experience of others' who may reside 'within a mere square-block' of the megalopolis that we choose to call HOME.

Permaculturalists will agree... that it is this 'density of available resources' that contributes to 'the real potential' of how we can innovate together in life-changing ways. 'Ways that are also intrinsically-linked to improving our own economic advancement, and doing so more harmoniously when it comes to our interactions with other magnificently-vital life forms.

Through our ingenuity... we are also in a very good position to 'Give Back To Life' all around us; and in doing so... we may, even at times (ourselves) , not realize immediately-quantifiable benefits. Even so, our well coordinated efforts can indirectly (and directly) contribute to an Omnipresent Nature as a welcoming benefactor. 'Oh yes, and in our daily quality-of-life improving experiences... WE WIN TOO!

Last but not least, The Entrepreneur can sometimes cleverly find ways to achieve both; symbiotically with Nature --and upon experiencing financial success. This "success" needn't be limited to a grandiose career-path, title or pie-in-the-sky ambitions. It can be something that we do part-time to augment our learning, lifestyle ambitions and also how we choose to diversify our incomes. Its Wide Open...

In The New Fourth-World... We Are Not Just "Consumers".

We Are "Producers".

*Please stick with us throughout the wintertime, as Fresh New Meetups Are Just-On-The-Horizon!!!

We sincerely look forward to your participation; and please tell your friends "Cuz The More, The Merrier!"

Our collective momentum-building throughout the season ahead, is certain to compound, with even more exciting Spring, Summer & Autumn (GTA-Wide & Then Some...) Offerings For All To Enjoy In 2019!


MoJo ;)-

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