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Tapas & Tabletop Game Night at AC Hotel Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill Residents Rejoice! Triangle Game Night is making a triumphant return to Chapel Hill as we've found a new home at the AC Hotel Chapel Hill Downtown. This new hotel near UNC in downtown Chapel Hill NC is super snazzy - and has food and alcohol - YAY! This event will feature 75+ of our favorite board games - and some new favorites fresh from GenCon. Frequently Asked Questions How Does This Event Work? You will arrive to the event and check-in with your Game Night host (look for the guy or girl wearing the black shirt). After you have checked in, you are welcome to browse the Board Game Collection aka "The Library" and grab a game to play, otherwise walk around and join a game in progress if there's room. Once you finish playing a game, please return it to the collection then feel free to grab another! Can I Come Alone? Yes! Absolutely! This event is perfect for people who are new in town, recently single or just want to get out of the house and have some fun! When you arrive, just look for Mandy, your host, who will be wearing a black shirt. Can I Bring a Date? Yes, this makes for a great, low-key (and super affordable) date night. Grab a drink and board game and play all night. Is This Event Really Free? Yes, it really is! However, as a courtesy, we do ask that you purchase something from our awesome venue! Do They Serve Food and Drinks? Yes, they have a variety of different meals and a full bar! Do They Have Drink and/or Food Specials? Yes! Here's the drink specials: $5 house wine by the glass, $5 Select local beers, $7 bartenders choice cocktail. Food Specials: 3 small tapas for $15. Where Can I Park? Is it Free? As you probably already know parking in Chapel Hill can be a pain - luckily this event has free (and easy accessible) parking. Woohoo! You can park in the AC Hotel parking garage - just go down the ramp, press the button at the gate and the front desk will open the gate for you. We have over 100 spaces and it’s freeeeee.

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AC Hotel Chapel Hill Downtown

214 West Rosemary Street · Chapel Hill, nc