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The GTA PHP User Group is for PHP developers in the greater Toronto area to meet for learning, networking and fun.

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Full Stack Parallel Development through Design-First and Service Virtualization

Nathan Wright from Smartbear (https://SmartBear.com) in Boston will present remotely. The emergence of API standards, like the OpenAPI Specification, have lead more organizations to adopt a definition-driven or “design-first” approach to software development. In a definition-driven approach, teams start with the design of an API, getting alignment earlier in the lifecycle before a sign line of code is written. The definition acts as the blueprint of your API and can be leveraged to automate tasks throughout the API lifecycle — including development, testing, documentation, and monitoring — and can streamline the development workflow across teams. But while the definition-driven approach has benefits, it can often be difficult to migrate to because of the risk of development bottlenecks and dependencies on different teams. Enter service virtualization. Running virtual services removes dependencies on external services during your application development lifecycle and allows you to validate your software by virtualizing its actions before and during coding. We will cover: • Benefits of adopting a definition-driven approach • Utilizing virtualization to remove dependencies • Achieving parallel development across front end and back end teams • Live demo of how SwaggerHub & ServiceV help unlock parallel development I asked Smartbear to present OpenAPI 3.0 because they have a long history with Swagger. According to Wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmartBear_Software): The original Smart Bear company was founded by Jason Cohen in 2003. The current SmartBear Software is the result of Insight Venture Partners acquiring three companies, Smart Bear, AutomatedQA and Pragmatic Software, between 2007 and early 2009. These companies operated as AQA Holdings until being rebranded as SmartBear Software in 2010. After the rebranding, the company acquired Eviware in 2011, leading to API promoter and SoapUI's founder, Ole Lensmar, joining the company. He later served as chief technology officer (CTO) of SmartBear. That same year, the company acquired APM vendor AlertSite. In 2013 SmartBear acquired Spanish APM vendor Lucierna. SmartBear then acquired the Open Source Community Swagger in 2015 and its founder, Tony Tam, joined the company as head of products for Swagger and the commercial version of Swagger, SwaggerHub. In 2016, SmartBear acquired CrossBrowserTesting.com (CBT) and Ken Hamric, founder of CBT, joined the company as general manager of CrossBrowserTesting.com. In 2017, Francisco Partners acquired a majority stake in SmartBear Software. This presentation is essentially a webinar they offer. However, I encourage you to pepper Nathan with questions -- even more than you levelled at Steve at our last meet-up.

AWS and Docker (topic to be confirmed)


Discussion and demonstration of deploying Docker with Amazon Web Services.

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