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Meet Symfony 4 and Flex
• What we'll do Bernd Gutgesell and Vic Metcalfe will introduce the latest version of Symfony. Symfony 4 is a micro-framework that still offers the convenience of a monolithic framework through the magic of Flex. Vic is also presenting about Vue.js for York Region PHP on February 7th. While both talks are self contained, they will dovetail as we build the same app in Symfony, as well as a back-end for the Vue.js front-end. Bernd will be presenting "Deploying to AWS with Ansible and Terraform" in March which will again connect as we see how to deploy our app the the cloud. Finally, our good friend Chris Hartjes is running a unique event west of the city that will offer some of the best PHP speakers in the world at a smaller setting than your typical conference. Tickets include a room for two nights at the venue. Check it out! • What to bring • Important to know

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