Intro to Clean Architecture and Domain Driven Design

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The good news is that we have a fantastic new topic. The bad news is that those of you who registered for Docker and AWS will have to wait for another night. Thanks to Kartik for taking this spot. I've heard Kartik speak and he is very well spoken and knowledgable. This is a great opportunity for any developer to refine their skills and approach to development.

Here's Kartik's description:

As your business evolves, and the size of your code grows with it, how can you avoid falling into the trap of spaghetti code? With modern applications commonly delivered as suites of 10s or 100s of microservices, how can you divide the logic of your application up so that the complexity stays manageable? Domain Driven Design (DDD) offers some wisdom and guidance to tackle these issues. DDD is an approach for writing software, that attempts to align concepts in code as closely as possible to how business users would think about them. The idea is that through direct conversations between a software developer and a domain expert (i.e. a product or business person), we can develop a model of the business domain that maps very closely to the concepts in code. However, it goes far beyond that. DDD is fundamentally about managing complexity in the business logic of your application.

This talk will start off by introducing some of the concepts of Uncle Bob Martin's Clean Architecture, to show you where in your application you'll want to apply DDD. We will then move on to talk about some of the basic object-oriented constructs introduced by DDD along with examples in PHP. While this talk is aimed at beginner to intermediate developers, it should be also be a good refresher for anyone who has read about or attempted to implement these concepts in their work. Look forward to seeing you there!