• Full Stack Parallel Development through Design-First and Service Virtualization

    Nathan Wright from Smartbear (https://SmartBear.com) in Boston will present remotely. The emergence of API standards, like the OpenAPI Specification, have lead more organizations to adopt a definition-driven or “design-first” approach to software development. In a definition-driven approach, teams start with the design of an API, getting alignment earlier in the lifecycle before a sign line of code is written. The definition acts as the blueprint of your API and can be leveraged to automate tasks throughout the API lifecycle — including development, testing, documentation, and monitoring — and can streamline the development workflow across teams. But while the definition-driven approach has benefits, it can often be difficult to migrate to because of the risk of development bottlenecks and dependencies on different teams. Enter service virtualization. Running virtual services removes dependencies on external services during your application development lifecycle and allows you to validate your software by virtualizing its actions before and during coding. We will cover: • Benefits of adopting a definition-driven approach • Utilizing virtualization to remove dependencies • Achieving parallel development across front end and back end teams • Live demo of how SwaggerHub & ServiceV help unlock parallel development I asked Smartbear to present OpenAPI 3.0 because they have a long history with Swagger. According to Wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmartBear_Software): The original Smart Bear company was founded by Jason Cohen in 2003. The current SmartBear Software is the result of Insight Venture Partners acquiring three companies, Smart Bear, AutomatedQA and Pragmatic Software, between 2007 and early 2009. These companies operated as AQA Holdings until being rebranded as SmartBear Software in 2010. After the rebranding, the company acquired Eviware in 2011, leading to API promoter and SoapUI's founder, Ole Lensmar, joining the company. He later served as chief technology officer (CTO) of SmartBear. That same year, the company acquired APM vendor AlertSite. In 2013 SmartBear acquired Spanish APM vendor Lucierna. SmartBear then acquired the Open Source Community Swagger in 2015 and its founder, Tony Tam, joined the company as head of products for Swagger and the commercial version of Swagger, SwaggerHub. In 2016, SmartBear acquired CrossBrowserTesting.com (CBT) and Ken Hamric, founder of CBT, joined the company as general manager of CrossBrowserTesting.com. In 2017, Francisco Partners acquired a majority stake in SmartBear Software. This presentation is essentially a webinar they offer. However, I encourage you to pepper Nathan with questions -- even more than you levelled at Steve at our last meet-up.

  • Joint Meetup with Achievers.com

    Achievers InCenter

    Join us for a joint meet-up at Achievers.com in Liberty Village. Achievers.com will talk about their CI/CD process. GTA-PHP will present CQRS/Event Sourcing. --------------------------------- CI/CD at Achievers.com: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) have been hot topics the past few years! The goal of both is to make our software development and release process quicker by deploying code changes automatically and more frequently. CI/CD helps minimize risk, find and address bugs quicker, and deliver updates faster! At Achievers, we deploy code three times a day and have automated our integration process. We talk about the principles we learned along the way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CQRS, Event Sourcing, with Domain Driven Design: This talk will introduce the concepts of Command Query Responsibility Segregation, Event Sourcing, and implementing Domain Driven Design for CQRS/ES. These technologies promise to cut application complexity while providing big wins for reliability, flexibility, scaling and security. We'll cut through the jargon and see why they matter and how they are connected. We'll look at a concrete PHP example of CQRS/ES in action, and take a look at where the technology is headed. Schedule: 6:00pm - Food and drinks, networking 6:30pm - First Presentation by Ben Ong 7:00pm - Second Presentation by Vic Metcalfe 7:30pm - Q&A 7:45pm to 9pm - Drinks, Networking

  • Steve Schoger Offers Practical Solutions to Common UI Problems

    Steve Schoger joins us via remote to talk about approaching common UI problems with a practical point of view. Steve tackled this topic at last February's Laracon Online 2018 (https://laracon.net/#meet-speakers), and at the upcoming Laracon Australia 2018 (https://laracon.com.au/). Steve lives in Kitchener (https://www.steveschoger.com/), and is currently working on a book, Refactoring UI, with Adam Wathan (https://refactoringui.com/).

  • Exploring PHP: Journey From Version 5.6 to 7.2 and PhpStorm Upside Down

    Note: This month's meetup is in cooperation with Achievers and will be hosted at their location, and at an earlier time than our usual meetups. We plan to be back to Tuesdays at Demac moving forward. Their post for this meetup is at https://www.meetup.com/achieverstech/events/250559803/. Schedule: 6:00pm - Food and drinks, networking 6:30pm - First Presentation by Cody Taylor 7:00pm - Second Presentation by Vic Metcalfe 7:30pm - Q&A 7:45pm to 9pm - Networking About the Topics: 5.6 <=> 7.2 = -1 by Cody Taylor Cody Taylor will walk us through the recent upgrade at Achievers from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2. He will share challenges we encountered, benefits of the upgrade, and lessons we learned along the way. PhpStorm Upside Down by Vic Metcalfe Vic Metcalfe will share his productivity boosting approaches to coding from the top down using quick-fixes, and from the bottom up using refactoring tools in PhpStorm. Come learn about PHP and meet like-minded individuals!

  • Meet Symfony 4 and Flex

    Demac Media (HQ)

    • What we'll do Bernd Gutgesell and Vic Metcalfe will introduce the latest version of Symfony. Symfony 4 is a micro-framework that still offers the convenience of a monolithic framework through the magic of Flex. Vic is also presenting about Vue.js for York Region PHP on February 7th. While both talks are self contained, they will dovetail as we build the same app in Symfony, as well as a back-end for the Vue.js front-end. https://www.meetup.com/York-Region-PHP-User-Group/events/245436324/ Bernd will be presenting "Deploying to AWS with Ansible and Terraform" in March which will again connect as we see how to deploy our app the the cloud. Finally, our good friend Chris Hartjes is running a unique event west of the city that will offer some of the best PHP speakers in the world at a smaller setting than your typical conference. Tickets include a room for two nights at the venue. Check it out! https://grumpy-learning.com/grumpyconf.php • What to bring • Important to know

  • Behaviour testing for single-page applications and APIs in a containerized world

    After too long a break we're holding a meetup in November. Our own Andrew Kirkpatrick will share with us his experiences using Behat with Docker. Andrew says: "With modern web applications and API's often existing in separate codebases, using a Behavioural testing framework you can create tests in ubiquitous domain language that cover both front-end and back-end contexts to ensure your application does what it should." We're still looking to flesh out our schedule for the season, so please let us know if you have any PHP related subjects you would like to share with the group. See you there!

  • Elasticsearch Overview

    Demac Media (HQ)

    Jay Greenberg, a member of Solutions Engineering at Elastic.co (https://www.elastic.co/), will be talking about implementing Elasticsearch (https://www.elastic.co/webinars/getting-started-elasticsearch?elektra=home&storm=banner). His talk will also cover: Introduction to Elasticsearch (pretty brief) Geo (Focus on Dev) Scaling ES (Focus on Ops) Jay's Blog Posts (https://www.elastic.co/blog/author/jay-greenberg) Jay's Github (https://github.com/PhaedrusTheGreek) Jay's Linked-In (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-greenberg-35723b30) Saud from our team will also be around to help with any Q&A, here is his bio: Saud Rehman, has been working with Elastic as "solutions consultant" for almost two years and has been using the Elastic Stack since 2012.

  • Caching with Memcached

    Demac Media (HQ)

    Caching is one of the best tools developers have in their performance toolboxes and Memcached is among the best caching solutions. Using practical examples, this session will teach you how to overcome the challenges of Memcached to create a scalable and redundant solution. You will learn multiple approaches for making Memcached High-Availability, replicated or fail-over configuration within the context of PHP applications. About the Speaker: Ilia is a CTO at Gubagoo (https://www.gubagoo.com), a company specializing in providing interactive online solutions for automotive dealerships. For over 14 years Ilia has been heavily involved in development of PHP, as a Core Developer and Release Master, authoring many extensions and language improvements. Ilia is also quite interested in security and performance, and frequently is writing or speaking on these and other PHP related topics. In his spare time he pretends to be a pro-photographer and engages in various sports.

  • Laravel and AWS

    Demac Media (HQ)

    Adam Goucher will be sharing his experiences with Laravel and AWS at our February meetup. Here's what Adam has to say about the talk: Who /actually/ owns physical hardware for their businesses anymore? Not us. We're all-in with AWS, and with a little bit of planning you can too. This session focuses on the how we have deployed our Laravel apps[s] into the AWS ecosystem over the last 18 months with the twin goals of having things fault tolerant (or at least recoverable), and not having to manage a server or service as little as possible. More specifically, this session is subdivided into the following areas; - Managing your AWS account - Provisioning something to run Laravel on - Getting Laravel onto it - Letting users interact with it - Scaling across servers [and eventually availability zones] After this talk you'll have the groundwork for your Laravel application in AWS. Hopefully without the 'learn, re-implement, learn' loop we have tread more times than I'll admit.

  • Contributing to Open Source Software

    Demac Media (HQ)

    Brendan Henderson will be sharing his experiences with us with regards to contributing to the Magento project. Please note: This meetup will be on a WEDNESDAY evening instead of our usual Tuesday. We are looking at adjusting our meeting night so that both of our group's organizers will be able to attend more events. We're looking to continue on Thursday nights in the new year.