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How to Trade on the Stock Market and Win!!
Happy New Year to all my Financial Wizards I know that it's the North American dream to become rich. It's everyone's dream but very few people are willing to put in the effort in becoming educated on how to become financially independent. The first thing I did in order to become financially independent was find a "Mentor", that is find someone who had reached the goals of becoming financially independent that I had set for myself.When I started my real estate investing in 2000, I found a real estate investor who already owned a Million dollars worth of real estate and who was willing to share his "strategies", "secrets" and also his hard, smart, and diligent work methods that assisted him in obtaining his wealth. To this date 17 years later, I still keep in touch with my "Mentor" and "Coach" and continue on my journey to financial freedom with Real Estate Investing.In 2016, I decided that I wanted to learn to self manage and invest in the Stock Market. So I found another "Stock Market Mentor" who was willing to share his "Secrets" of successful stock market investing. He has been investing in the stock market for the past 30 years, he has had his share of hard knocks and has both lost money and made money in the stock market. He also is actively trading himself and not using a stock broker. I joined an investment club where tips are shared monthly and members are advised only to invest in stocks that my "Stock Market Mentor" has actually invested in and has made successful trades. No, the group I belong to doesn't rely on outside brokers, the members self manage their stocks and actively trade them daily. I have made several successful trades and am learning how to self manage my portfolio of stocks. I've learned once again that that in order to become successful with stocks, you have to study the market, learn about the company's your investing with and once again I'm learning that I'm responsible to make my own decisions and therefore make my own money. I learned long ago a very important lesson that "no one is going to make me wealthy but myself". I have never given up control to anyone in regards to my money. I've earned my money the hard way each dollar at a time. As a single lady, I'm 100% financially self sufficient and my businesses and real estate investments are earning me my daily bread, sort of speak.My business is my job, which I love and look forward to growing my business every day. I've been in business since 1982, so as you can see my financial independence has been a long, slow, steady, and successful progression. If you're interested in finding out more about who Maria Rekrut is please feel free to go on my website at: htttp:// I welcome your feedback and comments on this Meet-up message board. Let's hold hands and become financially independent together. I'll be holding monthly meetings to keep you in the know. Please invite your friends to join you and other Financial Wizards on this wonderful journey to financial independence. Happy Investing, Maria

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