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Hi guys!

This group is for all people of Slavic origins. We speak different languages, have different religions, hold different political opinions and I think that that it is very unfortunate that we let those differences make us think that we are somehow alien to one another. If you are Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian or Serbian you belong in our group. So lets get together, celebrate our uniqueness and have a fun time!)

There will be two types of meetings. Formal and informal. Informal meetings will be in bars, clubs, restaurants and other fun places. We will hangout, socialize and have one hell of a fun time. Formal meetings will be in lecture/discussion format and in those I will discuss various fascinating topics relating to history, Slavic culture and much more. You will learn a lot about how our world works, it will be fascinating and mind-expanding!

You will get to meet some wonderful people, learn a lot and enrich your life, so if you are an Eastern European Slav you are welcome to join this group!

Thanks and see you soon)
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