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Recreational Volleyball at YMCA Grosvenor
All levels welcomed and YMCA gym memberships required.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto

20 Grosvenor St., Central YMCA Auditorium, 2nd floor · Toronto, ON

What we're about

Hello All,

Here is the purpose of this meetup group:

- Recreational Sports definition: participation from beginners to semi-pros or watch (kids, folks who just want to socialize, beginners who want to watch to learn, etc). Sports can be any type. Examples: tennis, beach volleyball, biking/cycling, running, golf, etc.

- Fitness definition: participation from beginners to pros or watch (kids, folks who just want to socialize, beginners who want to watch to learn, etc) . Fitness can be any type. Examples: hiking, walking, yoga, etc.

- Health living definition: participation events including food selection science (events that are publicly held in the city), yoga, dining in/out, BBQ's, meditation (this is not for everyone) and checking out affordable eateries in the GTA. Emphasis here is healthy eating that is incorporated into our lifestyles without the fad. Also, relieving stress from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

- Outdoors vs Indoors: where possible, events should be held outdoors when the weather is nice and appropriate for the events. For example, in the summer beach volleyball games should be encouraged while perhaps indoor volleyball events are more appropriate in the non-summer months.

- Self Improvement & empowerment: idea is to have fun, meet others for open relationships and self improvement/empowerment in the areas that are aligned with this group's events. Empowerment is all about making choices that are good for the number one person in your life = "YOU" whatever suits your lifestyle and goals. I have my own and you should too.

- Costs: events are FREE except when purchasing anything from vendors anywhere in the city. Feel free to treat others when buying from other vendors especially if you have lots of money...just joking.

- Group leader vs participation: YOU can choose to be a leader of an event or participant once you get the hang of leading a group of your choice. Or choose to just participate without the hassle of planning anything. Leading/planning for events is not for everyone (lack of desire, lack of skills/experience, etc).

- Who are the folks in this group and events: geared towards singles who want to meet other singles for open relationships and couple who want open relationships with others who are single and/or married/attached. However, events are very clean and therefore their kids can come along. What this is not = it is not a dating site. What it is = fun ways to meet like minded folks with like minded lifestyles without the stigma or the awkwardness of any type. Open can also include gay folks.

- Age range of adult members: 18 to 50 years of age. For liability purposes, this is to ensure that older folks can keep up with younger folks in terms of physical activities.

- Co-ed: all events are co-ed. Clothes are optional (just kidding). Just wear whatever is legal but hot! However, MUST be kid appropriate too as the parent's kids can attend any of these events! This just makes managing families a lot easier when your kids come along BUT NO KIDS IN THE BEDROOM!!! Seriousness of attire: you are attracting other singles so it is up to you if you want to attract hot singles (everyone wants this) or hot "duds" (no one wants this...a little bit of sarcasm).

- Locations of planned events: along Yonge St (from Steeles to Lakeshore) and Toronto Waterfront/Islands (from High Park to Woodbine Beach). Easy commuting for all via the transit systems and other modes of transportation.

- Who is this 50% serious/50% gregarious Chinh Huynh (the person who created the meet up group). Check out his "beta" company website:

- How to contact me, the organizer of this Meetup group, Chinh (Jack) Huynh: cell - 647-774-4247, Facebook - Chinh Huynh, Facebook Messenger, Instagram - Chinh482, WhatsApp, Twitter - Chinhhuynh4583. Note that I have lots of jokes on my social media sites.

From Chinh Huynh, MBA, Engineer (Very Single. Lost count of the # of my degrees. 50% serious + 50% gregarious = 100% Perfectly Balanced)

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