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Cafe Mendoza La Quinta
Recomended by several members. Let’s try it.

Cafe mendoza

78110 Cll Estado · La Quinta, CA


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Calling all Guys and Dolls

Come and join our group and join in the fun. We are a very active group. Our goal is to offer fun social activities that mature single men and women will enjoy. We have an average of two to three meet ups per week. We will meet at various Happy Hour locations all over our area. We will also meet for club dancing, dinners, breakfast, festivals, art shows and house parties. The number of members allowed to attend house parties is set by the hostess and members that are willing to host parties in their home will have priority to all house parties. We also encourage suggestions from our members of new places to try. We have a variety of social gatherings. Guys & Dolls search for occasional inexpensive trips such as renting mountain cabins, river cruises, short local vacations where expenses can be shared and group discounts apply. All organizer has the right to block members that do not follow rules. We are a very easy laid back group. Members not following our three basic rules will not be tolerated and will be blocked. Our only strict three rules we have are never talk about religion, politics or say anything negative about a member that is not present. Of course any offensive sexual aggressive behavior is never allowed. Guys and Dolls will not tolerate a member that makes snide remarks to other members because you don't like that person. Our meetups are usually large so if you don't enjoy the company of another member, sit next to someone else. These remarks will not be tolerated. In addition for the protection of my members BEFORE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO ATTEND ANY MEETUPS I need a picture and I also need some personal information such as an address and phone number which can provide to me by text on my personel phone number. I’m sure this understandable.
Thank you, Anne 760-895-0578
Our goal is LETS HAVE FUN.< /b>


Yesterday I had a table reserved at the Cliff House for thirteen people. Four people contacted me because they couldn’t make it, and thank you for letting me know. I then changed the reservation to nine. Only a total of four people showed up and the other members were left sitting at a table that had been saved for nine people. Maybe some of my members are not aware that I am able to get these tables reserved as a favor to me from the restaurant management. This is not the normal policy of any restaurants to save tables for happy hour. As a result, I can no longer reserve a table at the Cliff House for a large group as I have done in the past. I also must stop in to apologize to the manager that helped me save this table. Other Meetup clubs have attached a rule stating two NO SHOWS and you’re out and removed from the club. I have made every effort not to attach a NO SHOW RULE to Guys and Dolls, and have stated that you can call or text me to let me know. I have always felt that I want to run this club with friendship being the driving force and rules felt unfriendly to me. I’m thinking now that I may be wrong and I may have to set up the NO SHOW RULE. This is the second email I have sent out because I now feel like members are taking advantage again. I will attach this letter to our introduction so new members know how strong I feel about this. This will be the last letter I send out on this subject. I don’t like being a baby sitter and were all adults. Common courtesy tells you to change your RSVP’s. The next time there is a problem with no shows I will put the NO SHOW RULE in place. I will at that point send out an announcement that the rule is in place and there will be no more discussion on the subject. It will be three no shows without two hour notice will be cause for that member to be removed from the club. Take my phone to call or text me with any future problems attending. I think that is fare.

760-895-0578 Hugs, Anne

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