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"Hackathons, Teams and IP" & Workshop "3D Modelling and Printing for Beginners"

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Get Your Bot On! is back again for 2015 at the MaRS Discovery District September 11-13, 2015. You can find out more or buy tickets at:

This event August 27 is open to all. You don't need to be registered for the hackathon to attend. Beginners and experienced builders are welcome.

This August 27 meetup event is hosted by the Health Innovation Hub at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. for more information .

Come and find out more about what you should discuss with your teammates at the hackathon. Find out about exciting new hardware, wearables and tools that will be available to you during the hackathon. (this is in addition to the basic kit each team of 3-4 will keep) Learn tools and techniques for 3D modelling and printing that you can use to make real parts for your bot.


6:00 Open

6:20 Welcome

6:30 "Hackathons, Teams and IP" with Gabriella Chan of Yocto Law (

• what to discuss with your team

• what to think about before the hackathon

7:30 Hardware Partner Presentations

We'll have some new wearable tech and robotics hardware you can borrow and use in your robot. Find out what will be available and how to use it.

• Mike Kosic, CEO, XYZ Interactive. Once again XYZ will be providing their GestureSense technology now available for makers on Sparkfun ( Come to the meetup to find out how it works. Pitch the CEO at #GYBO2015 to win a sensor you can build with.

• Makrand Gupta, VP Hardware Partnerships, Wearhacks ( Wearhacks is our Premiere Hardware Partner and will be loaning out Muse Headbands, Pebbles, Estimote Beacons, Myo bands, a Nod Ring and MS Kinects for you to try out and use in your robot.

• Jason Ernst, CTO and Co-Founder, Chris Ouslis, COO and Co-Founder, Redtree Robotics ( Redtree is a Hardware Partner for GYBO 2015 and will be loaning out their Hydra platform to interested developers.

7:50 break

8:00 Making Robots Expert Series: "3D Modelling and Printing for Beginners" with Connie Leung, Industrial Designer and Principal, First and Shadow

• design process and techniques

• basics of the free 3D modelling tool 123D Design ( )

• get ready to print

9:00 Q&A and networking

9:30 close


Gabriella Chan, PhD, JD, Yocto Law (

Gabriella is a lawyer, scientist, lecturer, and entrepreneur. She holds a law degree with a focus in business and intellectual property from Osgoode Hall Law School and a doctorate in molecular diagnostics from the University of Toronto. She obtained her legal training at a national Bay Street law firm in Toronto and prior to founding Yocto Law, Gabriella served as the Vice President of Legal Affairs and previously as the Intellectual Property and Technology Manager at two Toronto-area nano/biotechnology companies.

In addition, Gabriella lectures on intellectual property and commercialization in the Translational Medicine Program at the University of Toronto and runs Startup Toronto, a not-for-profit organization that caters to the needs of entrepreneurs.

Mike Kosic, CEO, XYZ Interactive

Makrand Gupta, VP Hardware Partnerships, Wearhacks (

Makrand is a lifetime techie who got into Computer Science to get away from hardware and is now into hardware business development as VP of Hardware Partnerships at WearHacks. Talk about irony! Makrand has always been the tinkerer of things and has a deep passion for programming and anything related to science. He's a globe trotter stuck in Toronto because of UofT but you will find him crashing couches in Montreal all the time. With WearHacks his mission is to make hardware more accessible to a larger community by eliminating the cost barrier entirely. WearHacks showcases him as their 18 year old prodigy who was their very first Ambassador, kicked off their world tour and is now part of their core team running their entire hardware unit.

Jason Ernst, CTO and Co-Founder, Redtree Robotics (

Jason Ernst is the CTO and Co-founder of Redtree Robotics. Chris Ouslis is the COO and also Co-founder of Redtree. Redtree has developed Hydra - a hardware platform for robotics that enables near plug-and-play robotics. Sensors, motors, cameras and other components are easily added to the Hydra and can be programmed using c/c++ APIs. At Get Your Bot On, Redtree will make several Hydra units available as well as potentially one or two functional robots that may be expanded upon for those who want to start with something working.

Connie Leung, Industrial Designer and Principal, First and Shadow

Connie Leung is an industrial designer, entrepreneur and principal of First and Shadow. Connie specializes in creating meaningful human-centered experiences for her client developing responsive web and mobile apps, pre-fab concept designs and 3D prototypes for market-ready products. Connie is fascinated by wearable technologies, haptics, responsive environments, 3D prints, material science, biomimicry, emotional and sentimental attachments and manufacturing.

A former industrial designer of Steve Mann, creator of the Eye-Tap, she specialized in production using fluid haptic technology. She also leads workshops with Ladies Learning Code as an instructor in 3D printing and UX design for wearables. You can follow Connie at @HalloConnie (

Connie's workshop will help beginners develop a better understanding of designing meaningful products that will engage and inspire users. She will walk participants through the steps of innovation beginning with the first steps after ideation and tackling the hurdles of turning ideas from concepts on paper into real 3D prototypes. Connie will cover topics such as what 3D printing is as tool, physical rendering limitations, joint design, measureing body range and motion for comfort and job function, and print time considerations. Connie will review and example using the 123D Design application available free online from Autodesk.

Get an edge over other robohackers with these tools and techniques! Participants will walk away knowing how to apply basic design processes and techniques that will enhance their designs with better user experience and form.

Participants can download the free 123D Design tool and and try it out at .

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