Real Estate Trust, LLCs, Entity Strategy & Estate Planning

Hosted by Georgia Real Estate Investors Association

Public group


On Saturday, August 24th from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM at GaREIA Headquarters Curt Smith will be hosting a Real Estate Trust, LLCs, Entity Strategy & Estate Planning Super Saturday.

What a trust IS? What are the different (common) types of LLCs? How to title a property into a trust, an LLC, or your personal name?

We will spend a few hours on each of these great questions so you will have a working knowledge of when and how to use these real estate titling scenarios. We will also cover some real estate tax issues and solutions.

- What are trusts and when does it makes sense to title a property into a trust?
- What is an LLC, types of LLCs and when does it make sense to title a property into an LLC?
- Lunch, Tentatively scheduled: Doug Shaddix, an estate planning attorney, will give a 45 min talk on Estate planning
- Stacking / layering strategies; rentals held in trusts; beneficiary is an LLC
- Tax strategies and a side topic of rental tax problems and solutions
- Estate planning; a basic plan, a complicated plan

Enabled by his passive income, Curt Smith quit his day job as a Software Engineer at ATT in July, 2015. Today, he self manages (38) rentals.

Curt used creative financing strategies such as; Self Directed IRAs, solo-401ks, bank financing, Bank Home Style Purchase Plus Rehab Loans, private joint ventures, soft-money/portfolio lenders and hard money to fund his deals. Curt has rehabbed over 40 houses and is partnered in a commercial business and a mobile home park located in South Alabama.

Curt is also one of GaREIA's Education Volunteers and a previous Board Member. His roles have assisted and educated many other real estate investors. In addition, he is very knowledgeable of real estate taxes and strategies.