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We are a bunch of Chess enthusiasts living in and around Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Join us to learn more!

Who can join this group:

* Chess enthusiasts planning to hone their skills

* Newbies who want to learn chess from scratch

* Casual chess players

* Serious chess players who want to learn or share chess theory

While playing on the internet or with computer is easy these days, the experience of playing in a park, meeting folks in the neighbourhood, building your network or simply establishing new friendships is unparalleled.

Nonetheless, we do have a chess.com group as well, if you are interested:


Past events (8)

Meet#8: Re-Treat

Kidzee Khajaguda

Meet#7: Rook Lift!

Needs a location

Meet#6: En passant!

Needs a location

Meet#5: Zugzwang (Re-scheduled)

Needs a location

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