What we're about

Calling all Portland families (and friends of families) who embrace science and cherish the Earth. First and foremost we are about getting outside and and appreciating the land we live on and the creatures we share it with. We also use the Gaia metaphor as a means to raise our environmental consciousness and build our empathy for the Earth as a living system. Join us for family-friendly outdoor excursions, ceremonies, mindfulness meditation, activities, rituals and other as yet to be determined practices that help us align our daily actions with our highest aspirations. We want to engage our hearts as well as our minds!

Representative Activities:


Drumming the Eons at the Maryhill Washington Stonehenge (notice us drumming in the bottom right). One million years per drumbeat, 4 drumbeats/sec compresses Earth's history down to just under 19 minutes. As we drum we occasionally pause to announce notable events in the Great Story of Evolution. All recorded human history is 1/100th of a drumbeat.


The Longest Night Masquerade celebrates the Winter Solstice and the changing of the seasons. The Holly Queen and Holly King are dressed in hand-made leather masks and fancy clothes :-)


Yay Life Tri! celebrates the evolution of life on earth from the very beginning through the unknown future with a kid length triathlon. First a 100m swim/wade to celebrate life in the sea. Next a 400m run/walk to celebrate the evolution of life on land. Finally the development of technology and the unknown future are symbolized by a 1500m bike ride. At 10 million years/meter, all recorded human history is 1mm.

Past events (7)

Second annual Shiny Green Festival

Needs a location

Celebrate Imbolc/Riverain with a rain hike, then warm up with hot chocolate

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