What we're about

This group is about connecting with others and enjoying a variety of activities. We will do nature hikes, movies, dinners, festivals, canoeing, tubing, day trips, and so much more. Turn off your computer, put down your phone, go out in society and engage!

The group has a few rules. Please be sure to read them below and adhere to them.

1) If you RSVP "yes" three times and do not show up for the event, your membership will be terminated. In most cases, you can change your RSVP within 30 minutes prior to the start of the event without consequences. But for events where there is a defined deadline (time and/or date), that deadline is considered binding for this 3 strike rule.

2) You must have a photo of yourself on your profile. No cartoon characters or other representations are acceptable. It must be an updated photo of you. When we meet you in person, there should be no confusion who you are. This is for security reasons.

3) There is a $2 annual fee for joining. Your membership is pending until you pay your annual dues ($2 per year) in person. This tiny obligation to join is to eliminate the fake accounts that we have been seeing for the past few months. We only want real people joining our group.

4) Finally, you must be courteous and kind to your fellow members :-)

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Let's visit Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

Instead of worrying about Black Friday sales, let's get out in nature. Mary Collins visited this place and she says it is beautiful. I always wanted to check it out. This Friday might be a good time to do it. Bring your mask and social distance. Adult tickets are $12. if you bring a child, it is $7. under 6 years, they are free. Meet us at the entrance. For more information, here is the link: https://cedarlakeswoodsandgarden.com/ Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Books and Tasty Treats - December

Bahama Breeze

All, For the December meeting we will have a very casual gathering and discuss whatever book the attendees wish to talk about. In other words, no assigned book. At the suggestion of Cyndee, we will meet on the patio of Bahama Breeze. I hope to see you there!

Books and Tasty Treats - January

Needs a location

All, Raj suggested that we read and discuss "Bhagavad-Gita As It Is". It inspires and advises the reader and even though it is hundreds of years old, it is still relevant today. So I am putting it on the calendar for January - it will take some time to read and we will take a break from book discussions during the holidays. Maybe in early December we will just get together to share a meal and discuss random books with no assigned discussion book. Nevertheless, get started on this January book if you are interested. Here is what Tom Butler-Bowdon from CityWire says: "In a nutshell: Seek peace inside yourself, do the work that is yours, and wonder at the mysteries of the universe. The Bhagavad-Gita records a conversation between a young man and God (in the form of Krishna). The young warrior Arjuna, from the royal Pandava family, is in a state of panic on the morning of a battle. The ‘enemies’ he is expected to fight are cousins whom he knows well. In this desperate predicament, Arjuna turns to his charioteer Krishna for help. The answers he gets are not exactly what he wants to hear, but it is Krishna’s opportunity to tell a mortal about how the universe operates and the best approach to life. The beauty of this work is that it operates on various levels – poetry, scripture, philosophy, self-help guide." Check back in January for a designated meeting place.

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Saturday Swing - Come Out and Dance

One Love Cafe

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