January 2018 Meetup!


Let's start off 2018 right! January has two kickass presentations:

First up is Mike Herchel, who will be presenting on CSS Grid. CSS Grid is a new standard way of laying out your website. Instead of relying on funky hacks to put into place a grid system, this is built directly into CSS! Welcome to the future! :)

Second up is Mike Sholty, who will be presenting on CSS in JavaScript. CSS in JS is pretty much like it sounds, but there are several methods, libraries, and techniques to doing it right. Mike will demo is tool of choice (Aphrodite), and show us some best practices and practical real-world techniques.

We also have Show and Tells, where you can get up and present on something that either 1) You've been working on, 2) you're proud of, or 3) you need a little help on. Show and Tells are very informal and lots of fun.

After the meetup, we'll head down the street and grab some beers and continue our conversations!