Nonviolent Communication 9-week Series

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Do you hunger for skills to improve the quality of your relationships, to deepen your sense of personal empowerment or to simply communicate more effectively?

Often, we can speak in ways that can actually perpetuate conflict and pain. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) partners practical skills with a powerful consciousness that acknowledges the feelings and needs that all humans have. We are able to hear our OWN needs and feelings as well as those of others. NVC fosters respect, empathy and a mutual desire to give from the heart. In this 9-week course, you will have the opportunity to experience a new way of relating and a safe space to practice NVC with two expert communication coaches.
"NVC is amazing! Worth every penny and more. The space Kathleen and Eze have created is safe and genuine. They have blessed me with a new perspective and new tools to handle both intimate relationships with family and how I meet people throughout the day. Thank you." - Participant of Spring 2019 NVC series
NVC, (AKA Compassionate Communication), is a practice designed to increase our choices of how we respond to the world. NVC is a “language of life” that helps us to transform old patterns of defensiveness, passivity or aggressiveness into compassion and understanding, and can help us shift from reacting to responding.

With support of the book we will meet for 9 Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:45pm. In a loving space, you will experience an atmosphere of trust and security allowing you the space to explore meaningful issues and practice new skills. During meetings there will be interactive experiences, some play, some pairing up and some personal sharing.

Between meetings there will be individual at-home practices, and partners will be assigned to share their experiences.
"NVC is awesome! I have been able to use the techniques and teachings in every aspect of my life. I really feel that NVC is a door to open-hearted and connected communication. Thank you!" - Participant of Spring 2019 NVC series

*** Space is limited to 10 participants, and a minimum of 8.

*** Tuition for the 9 week course is $175 which includes ~25 hours of workshop time, an individual private consultation with one of the coaches, the NVC companion workbook, support with between-meeting assignments.

*** Ticket URL in FB event is for 1 payment, 2-part payment plan offered.

We understand that things come up so if you need to miss one or two classes, that is ok!

Dates are June 13 through Aug 15 except July 4!

Purchase your book: "Nonviolent Communication : A Language of Life" (2015, 3rd edition) by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Meetings will be lovingly and attentively facilitated by GNVC coaches:

Eze Sanchez - brings a sweet blend of his intelligent, linear engineer mind with his curious, playful self to the table - a concoction which he calls Consciousness Engineer. Learn more at

Kathleen McKee - a graduate of the Satvatove School for Transformative Coaching who has been offering empathic communication seminars in the Gainesville community for five years. She offers life coaching drawing on her years of her own work with mindfulness, meditation, trauma healing and somatic experiencing while generating self-love.

"This NVC workshop was a wonderful experience in developing simple, yet powerfully effective tools to become more aware of my needs, to learn how to express them and have self-empathy, and to learn how to express them and have self-empathy, and to learn how to resolve violence within relationships. Violence is more commonplace than one might think: judgments, demands, blame... anything that may cause disconnection from one another. I believe everyone can greatly benefot from learning NVC practices. Thank you Kathleen & Eze - I am deeply grateful for your attentive, caring facilitation." - Participant of Spring 2019 NVC series