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This group started via a post on Bigger Pockets. A group of folks who couldn't make it very often to other meetups got together and created this meetup. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 8pm. It's always in the Gaithersburg area. Join the group for more specific meeting details. It's not a requirement to join Bigger Pockets to be part of this group, nor is this group directly affiliated with Bigger Pockets. This group is for networking with fellow real estate investors.

Who should join this meetup?
-- Anyone who is interested in real estate investing of any kind.
-- Anyone who is an active real estate investor.
-- Anyone who wants to network with fellow real estate investors.

Who should NOT join this meetup?
-- Anyone that is not a current or aspiring real estate investor
-- Anyone that has the sole desire to push a product or service. We have realtors, construction folks, private lenders, etc that are part of this group, but they are real estate investors and their primary goal is increasing their education and interacting with fellow investors. They are not here to push a product or service.

What type of members does this group have?
-- Aspiring Investors with no properties or experience
-- Realtors
-- Private Lenders
-- General Contractors
-- Appraisers
-- Part-Time Investors
-- Full-Time Investors
-- And Many More....

What type of real estate investing is covered?
-- Buy and Hold
-- Flipping
-- Tax Liens
-- House Hacking
-- Wholesaling
-- And Many More....

There is an active thread on Bigger Pockets that contains some more information. It's located here:

Please ensure you have a full name on your profile or at least a last initial before joining. First name only is not allowed as it's too difficult to track activity.

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