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What we’re about

Has something happened to make you doubt your self worth? Are you in a toxic relationship or not sure? Do you think that maybe people aren't treating you right or could it be that the problem is you? Do these questions keep you up at night?

Whether it's work or a broken down relationship or one you don't know how to exit, our monthly 'touch points' will remind you how to spot toxicity & gaslighting, separate your flaws (no one's perfect) from someone else's projection and bullying, and value yourself.

This group is for anyone who feels they may benefit from our touch points.

Before our event, participants are welcome to share their stories privately and anonymously with the host. During our events, our host will introduce the purpose and give insight without sharing anyone's details and allow the group to learn from each other.

Tools to break free from toxicity and recognise gaslighting will be shared at the end of each event.