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Accelerated Energy Intensive: Healing the Astral Body
Experience powerful frequencies for accelerating your Spiritual development! This is a 45 minute energy healing session, designed to heal and accelerate your spiritual development. Tonight's intent will be to heal the Astral Body, which consists of both the Mental and Emotional Bodies. These energy bodies hold or store old emotional wounds from this and previous lifetimes. Clearing relevant Samskaras (emotional scars) will assist you in being free from limiting feelings and beliefs which may be holding you back from your full potential in this lifetime. Your Higher Self will determine which ones are ready to be released and healed. This accelerated energy healing experience is supported and guided by Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master Melchizedek, Higher Dimensional Beings known as the Arcturians, your Higher Self, your Spiritual Teachers and Guides, as well as the Divine. Please join me, as often as you are guided, to accelerate your Cosmic Consciousness! Suggested donation of $20.00 is greatly appreciated for this energy intensive! Please RSVP your attendance intentions so I can be sure when our group is complete! Looking forward to your Presence! If you would like more information for individual healing sessions, please visit my website at and book a session!

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    This Meetup is for the exploration of Galactic and Celestial Consciousness.
    We are at a point in our collective history where it has become vital to have a more conscious awareness of our own inter-dimensional nature, as well as our connection to the Higher Dimensional Realms.
    What does this mean? It means that we are called to explore the existence of Extraterrestrials and those Higher Beings we refer to as Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, and our Spiritual connection to them. By acknowledging their presence, we invite them to assist us in our awakening in a conscious, co-creative way.
    In this group we will explore many concepts and ideas related to Galactic Beings and the Angelic Hierarchy in a safe, non-fear-based setting. These discussions will include historical, as well as present day events that have shaped our understanding of our existence up to this point in history. We will explore ways in which we can move beyond fear-based concepts which have so often permeated our consciousness in relation to our multidimensional awareness.
    Join us on an inter-active exploration of our Galactic Community…the advanced civilizations who are here to help us on our journey of ascension. Explore the energies of multidimensional awareness that assist us on our awakening to Galactic and Celestial Consciousness.

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