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San Antonio Galactic Language of Love is a group that we share the experience of soul ascension process through the activation and recalibration of speaking, writing and drawing sacred geometry symbols of Galactic Language. It is a language that speaks to your heart and soul from the Divine energy and Universal consciousness. The tones and vibration regenerate the previously dormant human DNA potential.

Our soul family members and their love ones can participate our meetups, workshops, and private one-on-one sessions in order to evolve our consciousness to the authentic Love, Peace and Oneness.

The purpose of our events and private sessions is to focus on karmic release, emotional healing, physical trauma, past and present life reading, space clearing, detach entities, chakras and aura realignment and animal healing. Long distance sessions are available upon request.

Our meetup group provide most of our 2-3 hours events with many different topics monthly. All of the events are directly related to your daily life with cleansing and activations.

A lot of our mental, emotional and physical blockages were attached to our bodies from past life memories and traumas. These attachments were deeply rooted in our physical body for many life times. Language of Light can retrieve these memories and release the karmic blockages (from past or present life) with no regression. If you or your friends and relatives are suffering any emotional or physical issues; or simply just interested in restoring love and higher consciousness, then you should come to our soul gathering events.

My mission is to bring joy and love to humanity once we cut the cords from past life attachments and clear any sufferings. The only way to maintain unconditional love within you and your surrounding is to let go and let the energy flow.

You will also experience the power of sound healing tools with the Earth gong (deep grounding with 42,000 hertz), Tibetan bowls & bells, drums, didgeridoo, rattles and tuning forks.

Light Language is the galactic language of Love and Light. The energy of the Light Language is from Galactic Council or Universal Consciousness transmitted through my voice as the human conduit. The energy of my voice carries encodements with various frequencies and waves of tones for healing different ailments. The sound of Light and sacred geometry will raise your vibration and your etheric field into a much higher level. It is designed for a spiritual, physical and consciousness evolution.

Are you ready to get rid of the past, regenerate your cells and recalibrate your physical body in addition to give love and be loved? Would your like to improve your life with abundance and harmony? If the answer is yes to either question, then come to our Galactic Love events. I am here to share the infinite love & abundance with you.

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