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Who should join.. All single moms who have been taken through the ringer by ex's through the Family Court system. All single moms who have been dealt with unjustly by the Family Court system. All single moms who have had their children taken from them by the Family Court system. All single moms who need support now while fighting to keep their children from UNFIT fathers. All single moms whose voices are drowned out by an unfair Family court system. All single moms who have been devastated by the Family Court system.. There are over one million mothers alone, trying to raise children. This is an impressively large number of women who can make a difference and change the unfair practices of the Family Court system across the nation. I need your help ASAP.. lets put a stop to these unfair practices of judges who do what ever they please.. giving children to men who selfishly all they want is revenge and do not consider their children's well being.. There are countless studies on the importance that children need to receive the nurturing that only a mother can give.. look at the animal kingdom.. the offspring only leaves the mother when it has learned all that it needs in order to survive. In fact, it is the mother in many cases who will risk her life for her offspring. Look at what the female penguins do.. Watch the documentary "Divorce Corp".. it may still be found on Netflix. My name is Marie Poulin. I am a registered nurse and work in labor and delivery for 10 yrs now. I have a son that will be 3 yrs old. The father is a recovering heroin addict for the past two years. He has been an addict since high school. The court is considering turning over primary care of a three year old to this person. I need your help please call me at 832 606 4980 or email me at mariepoulinrn@hotmail.com

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