G.A.M.E RPG Convention

Hosted by Game Club Tampa Meetup

Public group


Why wait until a major convention to try a new RPG system? Grand Arena is hosting a RPG convention and invite you to try something new, or play something tried and true. Our GMs will have pre-generated characters for the system they are presenting. Our GMs will be running through two (2) sessions; the first sessions will be from 12 (noon) to 4 pm. The second sessions will be from 6pm to 10pm. These are one shot sessions, demo games if you will, where the GMs can show off th systems they like to run and you can try new systems, or play in one ou might not have played in a while. Note: As with all activities at Grand Arena, membership to the club and an activity fee is required. There is no gambling, smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed in the club. If you have never been to the club before, ask for a free tour (including the Artemis Bridge, if it is not in use). Come see what comforts and amenities the club has to offer you and your gaming group.