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D&D 5E Campaign - Starlight Exhibition

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Every 2 weeks on Sunday until February 23, 2019

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Starlight exhibition is a public display of one’s natural talent in all areas of creativity with a little fun. Various feats of battle, theater productions, unique display of artistic creation, whimsical folios, showcase of unique weapons and a general world market. This is an extraordinary event that is sought by many due to the valuable and/or unique items.

This is a homegrown game and the DM will allow homebrew characters with approval as well as tradition D&D characters. Your character will be starting at 2nd level.

Background is important in your character and it will be used as part of the adventure.

The party will arrive at the Salty Shores Inn by the whispering dock in the village of Misty-ville.

You each have come for your own personal purpose and are unaware of the others in the party at the start of the game.

Each person is on their way to an event in the human city of Silveron, the Starlight exhibition, a week longs festival of meaningful fun & mischievous magic.
Or is there more to this exhibition then meets the eye?