New 5e Campaign - Heroes of Faerun (LFP)

Game Club Tampa Meetup
Game Club Tampa Meetup
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Grand Arena of Mind Expansion

8900 N. Armenia Avenue · Tampa, FL

How to find us

We will be playing in room #1.

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This 5e campaign begins on the Sword Coast with 1st level characters. The adventure is unique and created by the DM.

The Hook

You are all novice adventurers planning your first real expedition. You may or may not know each other, but fate has decided that Garan’s Useful Items is the perfect place to shop as there is a sale for adventuring gear, and independently you each head there early to seize the best bargains. However, when you arrive something doesn’t seem right... two armed city guards stand impassively to attention on each side of the front door... We are role-players, not rules junkies or dice rollers. We are like-minded players who are just as happy role-playing and problem solving as they are in combat.