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A group for people interested in making games!

Everyone is welcome regardless of background or level of experience.

For more information on gamespace which organizes regular events for game developers in Zürich and interesting tidbits around game development go to gamespace.ch (http://www.gamespace.ch).

If you want your event published in our Meetup group, please contact the organizer team first. We like to make sure that the Meetups in our group are easy accessibility, of interest to our audience and a honest information exchange.

We try to answer as fast as possible, but please be patient with us, if the answer may take some days.

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Gamespace V: AI Generation

Swiss Game Hub

AI systems like GPT and Midjourney have advanced rapidly in the last few years, from a curiosity to a powerful tool. Now it's increasingly possible to use AI tools to create assets, content, and even code for games.

So: a talk and discussion covering three topics: how to use AI tools, the ethics and legality of using them, and the way they might shape game development in the coming years.

Gamespace is a meetup for game developers and hobbyists. Come and meet people and talk games! Share game-related news and ideas. Show us what you’ve been working on.

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Gamespace IV: Prototyping

Swiss Game Hub

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