Rendering Netherpark: Art Direction, Post Processing & Making Stuff Look Pretty

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Making your game look good is an iterative process; even with strong art direction it takes time and experimentation. Join Victoria Smith as she picks apart her current work in progress – Netherpark – and takes a close look at the process of developing an art direction, getting it into engine and seeing how things work under the hood. This talk is aimed at artists, programmers and anyone with an interest in the fuzzy bit where art and technology join together.

Victoria Smith

Victoria is a 3D Artist working at PikPok and an independent game developer in her spare time. She has worked on a handful of PC and mobile titles, including Top Gear: Drift Legends, and has been enthusiastically involved in game communities around the country for many years.

Note that this meetup is on the 2nd tuesday of the month, to coincide with NZ Tech Week -