What we're about

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern is a home away from home for tabletop gamers of all kinds...and to the gamer in everyone!

We provide a clean, comfy space for people to face each other over a friendly game of...(fill in the blank), along with great food and ample drink.

We welcome:
- Players of old school cards, chess and go, bridge and mah-jongg, euchre and canasta, dominoes and backgammon.
- Modern game hobbyists are welcome, to play anything from the gateways of Catan and Ticket to Ride to Epic slogs through Twilight Imperium or Advanced Civilization (well, on the off days you can play these) to the current hotness of Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra or Fireball Island.
- Devotees of particular games are welcome: we have nights for D&D and nights for Magic: The Gathering, and we encourage people to consider us as a venue for their own group of irregulars.
- "Muggles" are not only welcome, they are encouraged to come! This is the place where people who think they aren't gamers find out that they are gamers! This is where you gamers might be able to convince your stodgy parents to try out something new.
- Groups are welcome; we have hosted numerous catered events (birthdays, corporate outings, ladies night out, etc) and can accommodate up to 50 at once
- Date night happens here ALL THE TIME, and so does Family Game Night, and so does every sort of permutation of friends and family over every type of game.

We have:
- a library of over 1,400 games available for paying customers to play (old and new)
- a full game shop; all requests are honored
- a full service restaurant (we are a scratch kitchen and source locally!)
- a full bar featuring 16 local tap beers and a nice selection of wines and liquor

We are at 9412 Main St in Old Town Manassas, open 10 or 11 daily until midnight. Free parking nightly in adjacent parking lot, and across rails in parking garage.


I'm John, the owner, and I think gaming is good for people and good for the world, so I'd like to do what I can to give fellow gamers the place they've been looking for, plus expand the hobby and reintroduce people to what people have been doing since the beginning of history: eating, drinking, and getting together over the game table.

Upcoming events (5)

Open and Themed Games!

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Open games, just like Sunday, and a second chance to play the theme-of-the-week and earn a bigger discount on themed games throughout the store! Led by Owner John H or a designated Gamesmeister, we'll tailor the games to attendees on hand.

Open Games Sunday!

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

A weekly meetup for all gamers, from heavy strategy to light party games. Crossroads has a 1,400+ library of games, free to all paying customers (food, drink, or retail purchases qualify). Owner John (yours truly) will be on hand to host the event, and usually be able to sit and play as well!

Trivia Mondays at Crossroads!

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Trivia in a way you have never seen before. Every week our host (usually young Sam) will present trivia questions in the typical format, or else present questions from a knowledge based board game, modified for the crowd. So it's customized trivia, with dumb little prizes and occasionally nice big prizes!

Themed Game Night! Play and Save $

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Themed Game Nights! Every week we randomly select a game category or game mechanism from Boardgamegeek.com, and feature it all week. Tuesday night (and also Thursday) we will play a game (or games) from that family of games, and a gamesmeister, or occasionally the owner, John H, will host! On top of that, all games featuring that theme in our retail collection will be FOR SALE for 5% to everyone, and 15% for folks who attend our game night meetups. That's you!!

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Game Nights at Crossroads, Wednesday Edition

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

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