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Lightning Talks 2015!

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It's that time of year again.

Game Tech lightning talks are coming up in July. We do this once a year, a series of short rapid-fire talks one after the other.

Speakers talk for 5-15 minutes. Topic can be anything relating to game tech, game coding or generally the process of game development. Anyone can speak so come and tell us about your favorite trick, engine, tool, API, dev process... you get the idea.

We are currently building a list of speakers which will be announced closer to the event. If you want to talk please let us know, this kind of event can't happen without a bunch of willing speakers. We are also happy to accept new speakers on the day of the event... time permitting.

Please note actual speakers may change on the day. Here are the speakers we have so far:

Zander Hulme

If you want your game's music to respond to gameplay lightning fast, you'll need to use MIDI. But what if you want real instruments, or singers, or a whole orchestra? Zander is working on a way to make that possible.

Zander is a Brisbane-based composer currently undertaking postgraduate research into music adaptivity in video games.

Ashley Davis

What is IL2CPP and should I care about it?

Ash is a developer of serious games and simulations using Unity.

Greg Douglas

Displaying Text in Games and Applications, from Then till Now. What's required for state of the art text rendering and how we got here

Greg is a developer specializing in real time 3D games and interactive visual applications.

Michael Swan

Talking on rapid development. How to get projects under control and complete them. Avoid feature creep, use every shortcut possible. Know what you can cut and what you can’t cut. Maximising content and gaming experiences and giving the gamer as much exploration as possible. Don’t do what everyone else does. Do what works. Do something practical and finish it.

Pablo Farías Navarro

Intro to Phaser and the Intel XDK tool to build hybrid apps.

Pablo is a developer, educator, entrepreneur and founder of ZENVA.

Lex Van Cooten

The Reemergence of Virtual Reality within the Gaming Industry: Thoughts on how to prepare for the flood in 2016

As one of the Brisbane VR Club organisers Lex is passionate about providing local VR developers with the support and resources they need in order to help them succeed in the VR industry.