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What we’re about

Meetup purpose

This is a group for people interested in game development. We will discuss topics, such as: game design, technologies, market trends and issues facing the industry in Switzerland, but more importantly, this group is about you and your creations!

Who should join?

Every person involved in the game scene or wanting to be part of it is welcome: artists, designers, programmers, producers, betatesters, journalists or members of any other profession related to game development can join.


This is an excellent place to meet great people and start or expand your network in the Swiss game industry!

Please note that the official language for the group is English, but if everybody understand French well enough, we will use it during the meetings. 

Please follow these mandatory rules for your submissions to the group:

(1) Use an acceptable picture of yourself to allow us to recognize you during meetups.
(2) Use your full name (First Name + Family Name / or at least indicate the first letter of your family name).
(3) Fill the 3 mandatory sections of your profile (2 questions + 1 introduction) in a constructive manner.

We will only accept your submissions when these points are filled correctly.

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