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Meetup purpose

This is a group for people interested in game development. We will discuss topics, such as: game design, technologies, market trends and issues facing the industry in Switzerland, but more importantly, this group is about you and your creations!

Who should join?

Every person involved in the game scene or wanting to be part of it is welcome: artists, designers, programmers, producers, betatesters, journalists or members of any other profession related to game development can join.


This is an excellent place to meet great people and start or expand your network in the Swiss game industry!

Please note that the official language for the group is English, but if everybody understand French well enough, we will use it during the meetings.

Please follow these mandatory rules for your submissions to the group:

(1) Use an acceptable picture of yourself to allow us to recognize you during meetups.
(2) Use your full name (First Name + Family Name / or at least indicate the first letter of your family name).
(3) Fill the 3 mandatory sections of your profile (2 questions + 1 introduction) in a constructive manner.

We will only accept your submissions when these points are filled correctly.

Upcoming events (2)

[08.12.21] Monthly Meetup: Wéko & Soup Raiders

Qwertz Café

19h30: Introduction of new members / Flash Pitches of new projects.

Level 1-1: Simon Da Silva and Robin Haefeli will present their project "Wéko the Mask Gatherer" (https://www.wekoproject.com/). They will talk about their design goals, the challenges they are currently facing and their release plans.

Game pitch: Wéko the Mask Gatherer is an action-adventure game in which you play as Wéko, a mysterious gecko who collects powerful masks in an atmospheric world. You will discover a world full of dark and disturbing secrets.

Level 1-2: Elias Farhan will discuss the vertical slice of "Soup Raiders" (https://soupraiders.com/), specifically its battle system. The presentation will introduce the current system, the evolution of its design and the next planned steps. After the official part of the meetup, we will follow with a playtesting and feedback session.

Game pitch: "Soup Raiders" is a tactical RPG with a team grid-based real-time battle system and a light story with lovely animal characters, all contained in a single soup!

[28-30.01.22] Global Game Jam @ HEPIA, Geneva


Global Game Jam Geneva

=== English below ===

Cet emplacement est limité aux 100 premiers inscrits (les suivants seront placés sur liste d'attente). Les inscriptions ouvrent le 1er décembre à 12h: https://www.eventbrite.ch/e/216113299697/

✅ Un passe covid (certificat) est nécessaire pour participer à l'événement sur place.

🆓 L’événement est complètement gratuit et les repas sont fournis aux participants durant tout le week-end.

☕️ Des snacks, cafés, thés, fruits, etc sont également fournis. De plus, il y a de nombreux magasins à proximité ouverts le vendredi et le samedi si besoin.

📶 Nous mettons à disposition le WIFI, des prises de courant et multiprises pour tous les participants.

💤 Nous mettons aussi à disposition des espaces pour dormir loin de l'effervescence de la salle de travail. Cependant, tu dois prendre ton matelas gonflable et sac de couchage chaud afin de passer des nuits régénérantes.

🚿 Il y a des douches disponibles gratuitement et ouvertes à certains horaires.

🍻 L’alcool est autorisé, mais nous n’en fournissons pas. Un espace fumeur est aussi disponible dans la cour extérieure.

🎮 Il y a des salons de détente pour jouer à des jeux-vidéos ou discuter.

🎊 Nous prévoyons aussi quelques surprises pour nos jammers. Donc rejoignez-nous pour ce week-end de créativité !

Plus d'information sur notre page Facebook

=== English ===

This location is limited to the first 100 participants who register (next will be part of the waiting list). Registration opens on 1 st of December at 12 pm: https://www.eventbrite.ch/e/216113299697/

✅ A covid pass (certificate) is necessary to participate at the event on site.

🆓 The event is completely free and we will provide meals to participants during the whole weekend.

☕️ We also provide you with snacks, coffee, tea, fruits, etc. Shops open Friday and Saturday are available near the event if needed.

📶 We provide WIFI power strips and multi-socket adaptors for everyone.

💤 We provide as well spaces to sleep away from the hustle and bustle of the workspace. However, you must take your air mattress and warm sleeping bag in order to spend rejuvenating nights.

🚿 There are showers on-site free to use at certain times of the day.

🍻 We allow alcohol but do not offer it. A smoking area is also available in the outer court.

🎮 There are lounges to play video games and discuss.

🎊 We get some surprises for our jammers. So join us for this entire weekend of creativity !

More information on our Facebook page

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[17.11.21] Monthly Meetup : Terraformers & Pool Party

Qwertz Café

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