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Welcome Social Gamers!

We are excited to have you attend our game nights and events that can satisfy any type of social gamer. Here is a brief explanation of our group.

We have a bunch of games to choose from. We play multiple different types of games all at the same time. We have console games that can be played on a TV or on a projector, plus card games and board games that we play on a table or in a separate room.

We alternate events to keep things interesting so make sure to check in to stay updated and in the know of the calendar events and times.

Please feel free to bring food, snacks, and beverages (alcohol, sodas, juices, mixers, etc).

List of available games:

Wii games:

-Animal Crossing- City Folk
-Animal Crossing- City Folk
-Deer Drive
-Dokapon Kingdom
-Dragon Quest Swords
-Final Fantasy- The Crystal Bearers
-Final Fantasy Fables- Chocobo's Dungeon
-Cook or be Cooked!
-Iron Chef America- Supreme Cuisine
-Just Dance 2
-Just Dance 3
-Just Dance 4
-Kirby's Epic Yarn
-Lego Batman 2- DC Super Heroes
-Mario Party 8
-Mariokart Wii
-Metroid Trilogy
-Metroid- Other M
-Medal of Honor- Vanguard
-Monopoly- Richest edition
-Super Mario Bros Wii
-Pokemon Battle Revolution
-Resident Evil Wii edition
-Resident Evil- The Umbrella Chronicles
-Spectrobes Origins
-Super Paper Mario
-Super Smash Bros Brawl
-Tales of SymphoniaThe Legend of Zelda- Twilight Princess
-Trauma Center- New Blood
-Trauma Center- Second Opinion
-Trauma Team

Xbox One games:

-Game Pass

-Membership access to a bunch of games

Card and Board Games:

-Adverteasing II
-Apples to Apples- Junior
-Catch Phrase!
-Chinese Checkers
-Double Fifteen Dominoes
-Harry Potter Board Game
-Killer Bunnies
-Mind Magic
-Munchkin Quest
-Munchkin Quest 2- Looking For Trouble
-Phase 10
-Pick Up Sticks
-Scene It- TV edition
-Skip Bo
-Trivial Pursuit- 20th Anniversary
-Trivial Pursuit DVD- Pop Culture 2
-Trivial Pursuit- Genus 5
-Trivial Pursuit- Junior
-Win, Lose, or Draw

PC Games:
-All Roms and Emulators for Gameboy, Neo Geo Arcade Perfect, N64, Ninetendo, Sega, Super Nintendo
-League of Legends

Feel free to bring snacks and games. Let's have fun!!!

Upcoming events (5+)

Monday Night Madness

8514 TX-151

We call it Monday Night Madness for a reason. Choose from three super specials for just $10.95 each: All-you-can-play activities*, unlimited video game play, or get $20 FUNcard good for food and fun. Check out our new games (https://www.mainevent.com/play/video-games)! Terms and Conditions LIMITED NUMBER OF PACKAGES AVAILABLE. *Activities vary by center. Limited number of packages available. Promotion valid Mondays from 4 PM to Close. Laser Tag and Gravity Ropes have a height requirement of 48" to play. Price does not include bowling shoes or tax. Bowling is an extra $5 to the package price. Activity time limited to space availability. Main Event reserves the right to place up to five people per lane. Lane time may be limited to one hour based on availability. Not valid with any other offer or group reservations. Valid day of purchase only. All You Can Play Video Game Card excludes redemption, photos and cranes. For $20 FUNcard - $10.95 is valid toward all activities, games, food and beverage and $9.05 is valid toward all games including redemption photos and cranes. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 25 in the billiards area during Happy Hours.

Black Light Mini Golf!


Come join us for some black light space mini golf! Cosmic Mayhem is a unique indoor, black light, 18-hole mini golf course with a black light bar as well. Let's all have some Sci-Fi fun! *It costs $8/adult, $7/child (age 3-12), and $5/Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, Teachers, and Veterans (with valid I.D.)* **Wednesday is Military Appreciation Day - All Military & Veterans (with I.D.) enjoy 1 Free Drink with purchase of a round of golf (Adult Beverages - Must be 21 and up with valid I.D.)**

Game Night!

Diamond Ridge Pearl Park

*MAKE SURE TO RSVP FOR THE EVENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WHETHER YOU WILL BE ATTENDING IT OR NOT, YOUR RESPONSE IS ESSENTIAL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's play games in a fun and open environment. We do a bunch of different games such as playing • Wii • Xbox 360 • PS4 • Magic The Gathering • Harry potter board game • Other board or card games (check out the about us (https://www.meetup.com/Gamers-San-Antonio/) page for more game options) There is really a bunch to choose from honestly. The way I have it set up is for us to play video games on a tv or projector, card and board games on two tables in two different rooms. The objective is to get multiple games going on at the same time. If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions, definitely let me know! PS: Bring snacks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, or $5 for pizza or other stuff if you plan on partaking of them. It's only fair that everyone involved provides equally. Some people have mentioned that some individuals are only taking and not contributing each week. This needs to be a fair share pot luck mentality. Feel free to RSVP friends as well. If you can't make it, please take down your RSVP to open up space for other individuals. Location Directions: The location is Diamond Ridge Pearl Park Apartments 5100 NW Loop 410, building 40, #4005 San Antonio, TX, 78229. Please follow these instructions exactly as they are written: The location is near Evers Rd and the Loop 410 Freeway. The complex will have colorful flags near the entrance of the parking lot that the GPS directs you to. Assuming that this is the front of the complex, it's easiest to pass the GPS destination on the access road of the Loop 410 Freeway. After the complex and before Fiesta Inn and Suites is a street called John William Rd. Take a right on John William Rd coming from the Loop 410 Freeway access road. As you are on John William Rd, you will be on the side of the complex which is now at your right and Fiesta Inn and Suites is now on your left. While you are on John William Rd, go toward the second light pole on your right. Take a right into the parking lot next to that light pole which is located at the back of the complex near a wooden fence that separates the complex from the neighborhood. If you enter the neighborhood, you've passed the parking lot that is needed. As soon as you turn into the back parking lot, you will see a silver, Honda Accord on the left parked near the wooden fence and a shed-like structure. If you pass the shed-like structure, you went too far. After you park, follow the pathway between building 43 and building 44. Building 40 is directly across from building 43 and on the left side of building 44. Apartment #4005 is on the first floor of the side of building 40 that you will be facing. If you go to the side that has a playground, you are on the wrong side. If my sign is up that says please do not disturb, I am still in session with a client. See you then!

Chill Hookah Gaming

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Taste the flavor of Hookah and join in for some smokey fun. Prepare to be hazed as we bask in each other's ambiance. You must be 21 years or older, and it will cost about $20 if you get your own hookah. They allow four people on one hookah, so we do try to share hookahs to split the cost in order to make it cheaper for everyone. The Hookah Harem is a BYOB, but it is $3 per person for anyone who is bringing their own alcohol (non-alcohol is free). You are allowed to bring your own food, drinks, games, and gaming consoles. For anyone who is wanting to go and has questions just leave them in the comments or contact Becky at [masked] (let her know who you are or she will not respond to you).

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Chill Hookah Gaming

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