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Just some things to note: We're (almost always) in the party room! There are rare occasions when we'll be at a set of tables in the restaurant - usually during holidays when they get very large parties. We're not required to purchase food or drinks from Round Table to use the party room, but it's great to support them if we do. If you do purchase food and drinks, try (or click the link below) to save on your purchase... -You are not required to bring your own games but you are welcome to. Bring along anything you want to teach also. -Don't rely on the RSVP numbers as many people do not RSVP. Typically we have a minimum of 15-25 players playing about 5 different games at any given time. -Games range from simple card games to complex strategy games to everything in between...but we like to keep it fun and light, no matter what game is being played. -If you are new to the group, please don't feel uncomfortable to just jump into a new game or join a table that needs a player. Although we try, sometimes we don't even notice who's new and who's not as it's a large meetup group with some very infrequent attendees and sometimes we rarely look up from whatever game we are playing. We are all very open and welcoming and really just wanting to play and have fun, so join us :) -If there is no open game at the time, feel free to find a game that's near ending and wait to start a new game with those players, or grab a game from the community games area (or a game you brought from home) and sit at an open table to wait for players and start a game of your own. Just try to be respectful of others' games (don't touch cards with oily fingers, etc). -If you need help finding a game to get into, please don't hesitate to ask the organizers, Ric or Erika, and we'll be happy to get you started. -Lastly, games can be pretty expensive. Please do your best to keep the game tables clean. And at the end of the game, please do look around and on the floor for any game pieces that may've fallen. It's very much appreciated.

Round Table Clubhouse

2345 Sunset Blvd · Rocklin, CA

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Want to play some "fun" games and meet new people, and get away from the kids for a couple hours now and again? Want to learn, teach, and play games beyond the likes of Monopoly? And nothing overly complicated and strategic?

You've found the right group!

We play a very wide range of board and card games, like Settlers, Codenames, Coup, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Ticket to Ride - those sorts of games. We also play many different card games and deduction games like Werewolf. Nothing super difficult; we go for a mix of luck and skill and some good humor. No games where everyone waits around while "that guy" spends 10 minutes analyzing every possible move to get that 1 extra point. Who needs that on a game night??!! Casual games! Maybe Cards Against Humanity now and again?

For now, we're at Round Table Clubhouse in Rocklin, on Sunset. They are pretty good to us, give us a discount on food and drinks, and don't mind if we stay a bit beyond closing time.

Who's welcome? Pretty much anyone! No prudes! Seriously. I know a lot of people say they are the "fun type", but when Cards Against Humanity comes out, or your Munchkin lass gets to FINALLY use the "Kneepads of Allure"......ya gotta have a funny bone.

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