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Conway's Compositions
In 1967, Melvin Conway introduced the idea that states that "organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations." This has become known as Conway's Law. While Conway was a computer programmer, his law rings true in about any product that a system of people develops. When we have organizations that silo people and lower the communications paths between them, we can see these problems play out in the for of integration problems, defects that occur due to lack of communication, and poor system performance. Unfortunately, the cycle time for these to appear is often long. What if we had a simulation game that demonstrated how this work allowing us to see these problems more quickly? This would allow us to inform management about the dangers fraught within organizational design and help us consider how to avoid this. This game has been a pursuit of mine for almost 3 years and I (Paul) think I finally have a design worthy of taking out into the world as a result of Play4Agile North America and further play testing at the 10 year reunion of Agile Coach Camp.

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