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Location: by the baseball pitch, Central Park. See group header image for a map.


This group is for people who want to play fun games in Central Park. There isn't a date for the first session yet; please answer the poll to say what day/time would suit you best. We can't promise to suit everyone, but we'll do our best. When it seems there is a good bit of momentum, we'll run the first session. It'll probably last about 1.5 hours.

The games played will vary a lot, but here's a list to give you some ideas. They range from very active to fairly sedate:
* British Bulldog
* Capture the Flag and other "wide games"
* Stuck in the Mud
* The Blob
* Six square
* Rounders
* Disco Detectives/Wink Murder
* In the Manner of ...
* Dodgeball
* TUG-OF-WAR! (Let's end each session with one of these!)

The group is only for people aged 18 or over. This is because:
* the organisers don't want to be responsible for minors
* injuries are more likely to happen if there are small people running around with lots of big people.

It'll take a while to build up a full complement of kit (e.g. a massive rope for a tug-of-war), so earlier sessions will probably feature games that don't need any/much equipment.

If you think this sounds fun, then join the group, state your preference of time in the poll, and watch this space!

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