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Calling all geeky Ladies and Lords who are Game of Thrones lovers that would like to get together to do all things GoT. Whether you're a die hard fan of both the show and the books, like myself, or a more "normal" fan that simply likes the show, but maybe haven't read the books, you're welcome here. There is something for everyone. The first meet up will be a meet and greet that will lead up to an EPIC costume premier viewing party to feast on the foods and drinks discussed in the books and seen on the show. Following that we will meet as desired to view the current episodes...real fans will always be up to date. Season 7 is only 6 weeks so I am open to meeting weekly to watch together. In the off-season we will read the books, watch previous episodes, attend renaissance festivals to keep the time period alive, and have discussions comparing the books to the show. In addition we will play GoT centered games like Living Card Game, Pictionary, Charades, trivia and much more. So gather your Banners, adorned with your House Sigil and words, and come try your skill at the Game of Thrones.

I have secured a location that will allow us to meet without a fee and has food and drinks for purchase.

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Michigan Renaissance Festival

12600 Dixie Hwy

The Winds of Winter Finale

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Game of Thrones - TBD

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