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You can hear it everywhere! We need to work together more closely! We need to collaborate more within our teams, with our managers, with our customers. What we tend to forget is that this cross-functional collaboration requires new skills and practices. How can you engage more people in the process, without losing the creative culture and energy that fuels the process? How do you make sure everyone can contribute? Typical problems include things like:
- We often leave meetings wondering what just happened and why we were asked to attend
- How can we foster innovation without killing it with too much coordination?
- Having ideas is not the issue, getting them executed is the problem!
- I really need to understand my customer better.
- We could improve in so many areas, if only we knew how to visualize and manipulate complex information.
- I know we should prioritize according to customer value, but how can I realize this?
- I know the games but how do I apply them at work?

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Facilitation Game Lab: online or not? Let's wait and see.

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