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Are you looking for a one stop location for all the tabletop gaming going on in the Colorado Springs area? Well then, you've found the right website! Whether it is boardgaming, playing cards, role playing, miniature gaming, CCGs or anything related to table top gaming, if it's going on in the Colorado Springs area, it will be listed here.

Come help us form a Tabletop Gaming Organization in Colorado Springs. Our schedule is packed with weekly gaming events all over town! We also run game days, mini conventions and other gaming events on a regular basis, so pls join to find out about all the gaming events and participate!

Are you looking for a gaming group to join or for members for your existing or new gaming group? Why not post an ad stating what you are looking for, we have specific bulletin boards for all types of table top games. Gamers are joining this website daily, so the odds are you will find many people here with your same interests.

We have gamers interested in all types of table top gaming: RPGs (D&D, LFR, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Story Games, Savage Worlds, Story Games, Worlds of Darkness, GURPs or other traditional RPGS), Euro or German-style board games, traditional boardgames like Monopoly, party or other social games, traditional card games like spades, hearts, or even poker, CCGs like Magic or Wow, or Miniature Games.

We also post on the calendar all the gaming events for all the game stores in Colorado Springs and all events that include table top gaming in the Denver/Colorado Springs/Pueblo area. Also Gaming Events in the Springs sponsors 6 or more gaming mini cons, conventions, game days or game events a year.

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