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Calling all humans! We want to introduce a unique and vital bodily system quite unknown to us until recently. Most people worldwide are deficient in cannabinoids, causing a huge array of health & wellness issues. By feeding our body phytocannabinoids, we increase the receptor site concentration in our Endocannabinoid system; this is our largest self regulatory system in our bodies. Do you want homeostasis within your body? Your body does. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY'S NEEDS! We will discuss some history, some politics and legalities from the past, sustainable opportunity, and environmental benefits among many more topics to be revealed. Be a part of the end of hemp prohibition. Do you want more information on the thousands of research studies that have been done? Go to under 'educate'. Bring a guest for a FREE prize for you both! I look forward to visiting with you and your friend(s). My background is in pharmacy & accounting; with my focus drastically changing 14 years ago. and I am now a holistic health practitioner certified in holistic aromatherapy.

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This group is for Ganjapreneurs! A Ganjapreneur is anyone interested in Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Marijuana or The Hemp Movement. Our names are Bianca and Jen and we are friends from Denver Colorado straight out of the Marijuana Industry but now our mission is to educate those interested in learning more about CBD Hemp oils, Cannabis, Prohibition and Cannabinoid benefits including how to feed your Endocannabinoid System! Our passion to spread the word about Cannabis and the difference between Hemp and Marijuana has become a very lucrative business, and we want to help change the lives of others for the better. Whether you know about Marijuana, CBD, think it may help your health, know someone who maybe interested or would like to join the Cannabis Industry with a leading company...NOW is the time. We can answer all your questions. Join our group and come to a meeting to educate yourself about the benefits of CBD Hemp Oil and how we can help you positively change your life! Can't Wait to Meet You!
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