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This is a small group for ladies between 30s and 40s, enjoy asia culture, music and movies and general activities.

I am in mid 30s, work from home software engineer. I moved from San Francisco to OC a while ago and I want to create some close friendship bonds. I am single with no kids, free as a bird. I speak mandarin, japanese and english. All language welcome as long as you speak kind language. :)

This is a small group between 3-4 people each meet up, so we can keep it small to develop caring friendships. I live in Garden Grove close to HWY 5 and HWY 22, i will be hosting a lot of activities in my home, I do have airbnb guest at home from time to time so please don’t be alarmed.

Please RSVP if you can make it, please don’t if you cannot and there is always another chance!

The activities we will be having includes:
- Music video watching. Latest hip pop music video from japan, korea, US, all over the world, watching in this beautiful condo home, you can see the pictures attached. Feel free to bring your favorite drinks or let me know what you like to have i can prepare for you ahead. Dance or singing is allowed :)

- Guided mediation from pre-recorded videos or app to help us re-centered and focus on our day to day basis.

- watch hot movies on friday noons when there are less crowd and half the regular ticket price. (sweet)

- Grocery shopping. Who doesn’t like whole foods/sprouts/Trader Joes? Let’s go shop together and talk about latest diet trend and share our healthy recipes.

- Cooking together. We will bring our ingredients and cook up (or chop up if you are eating a salad) a healthy and nutritious meal and eat it at the balcony with a view to mountains.

- Play board games, poker, scrabble, Jenga, puzzles, chess…whatever is hot nowadays :p

- Exotic experiences, take a mid afternoon cruise. Try a hot air ballon. Art gallery, skydiving? :p

- Exercising, we meet at a 24 hour fitness super sport and workout together (or not), to hold each other accountable. Weather walking on the treadmill or hitting those weights, let’s be there!

- Walking. We walk around newport beach with slow pace and enjoy a sunset. We can carpool to spare some hot air to the environment.

- Just chat, whatever is on your mind, no judgement no worrying just speak out with a glass of sparking water in hand (fancy).

- Yoga, bring your yoga mat, let’s follow a yoga video and stretch in front of the big TV. :)

- Shopping. Girls always needs new cloths new furnitures new boots...can't complain

- Donate. Once we get new cloths we can donate our old cloths for a good cause.

- Volunteering. There are volunteering events around here that helps clean the beach or pack foods for the homeless. It’s a great workout as well.

- Learn a new sport, indoor rock climbing, water paddle boarding, hiking, tai chi, boxing, cross fit, zumba…etc

- Open to suggesting, what you like to do let us know, we will make it happen!

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions about me or this group. Thanks for checking out!

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