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Welcome to the official meetup for Garden Pool, a federally recognized public charity for sustainable food production and education!


Join this meetup to:

attend tours at Garden Pool homes throughout the Valley.

have fun at Food Drives, Fund-raising Events, and Potlucks.

learn at FREE Informative Classes.

volunteer with GP-Team Public Volunteer Projects to get a first hand experience and help others build and grow in our community and abroad.

get to know others in the community who care about growing food!

Garden Pool is dedicated to research and education of sustainable ways to grow food. Our mission as a non-profit is to develop better ways to grow food and help others do the same. Our operations are based in NW Mesa, Arizona at the home of the original Garden Pool.


The Garden Pool system combines:

solar power – harnessing and storing the sun’s energy

water conservation – using less water by recycling wastewater and harvesting and storing dew & rainwater

poultry farming – raising chickens & ducks in a closed-loop symbioses with the fish, pond plants, and the vegetation from the Garden Pool.

closed-loop aquaculture – raising tilapia fish and the feed for the fish in the system itself while continuously recycling the fish pond water.

organic horticulture – using natural methods to control garden pests without using chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow.

hydroponic gardening – growing fruits, veggies, & herbs without soil

aquaponics – the symbiotic cultivation of produce and fish in a recirculating hydroponic environment, the Garden Pool way.

biofiltration – natural water filtration method using biochemistry and a special mix of pond plants, including duckweed.

thermal mass – thousands of gallons of water that is warmed by the sun and being surrounded by earth and concrete provides “inertia” against temperature fluctuations.

permaculture – GP systems mimic relationships found in natural ecologies.

dairy goats - dwarf Nigerian pygmy goats provide fresh milk daily.

dwarf fruit & nut trees - small trees that produce an array of food all year.


The Garden Pool has been featured by media from around the world. It is a one of a kind backyard food-producing ecosystem that was voted the Phoenix New Times Best Backyard Farm in 2012. Come see what the buzz is about!

For more information about Garden Pool, visit our website: http://GardenPool.org (http://gardenpool.org/) for DIY Projects (http://gardenpool.org/diy-projects), Online Classes (http://gardenpool.org/gp-classes), Recipes (http://gardenpool.org/category/recipes), and more!

Ways to Volunteer with GP:

Student Chapters (http://gardenpool.org/volunteer/student-chapters) / Intern with Garden Pool (http://gardenpool.org/intern-with-garden-pool) / Garden Pool Arizona MeetUp (https://www.meetup.com/GardenPool-org/) / Garden Pool California MeetUp (https://www.meetup.com/Garden-Pool-California-Meetup/) / C.O.R.N. Garden at Garden Pool (http://gardenpool.org/c-o-r-n-garden) / Volunteer Application (http://gardenpool.org/volunteer) / The GP Location and Hours (http://gardenpool.org/the-garden-pool-location-and-hours) / The Garden Pool Team (http://gardenpool.org/the-garden-pool-team) / Seed Library at Mesa Public Library (http://gardenpool.org/gp-library/seed-library-at-mesa-public-library)

Help support our work at Garden Pool and pickup local aquaponic supplies here:


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The Garden Pool has a great central location, near the 101 & 202 intersection in NW Mesa by Tempe & South Scottsdale. The light rail is conveniently located just two blocks south (1.1 mi) of us.

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