What we're about

Whether you are just starting out or looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, this is for anyone who wants more for themselves and wants to build a sustainable and exciting future.

In today's world with the internet, we are drowning in information and knowledge leaving us almost paralyzed to the point where we take no action. It all seems too complex and we often dont know how or where to start, sometimes we just need a little guidance.

As I will be presenting I also want this to be a group open for discussion and any knowledge or experiences. I want this meetup to become a group that helps, inspires but also holds each other accountable.

The goal is to:

1. Get you the information you need
2. Show you where and how to take action
3. Hold you accountable so that you make progress and reach your goals.

I will be focusing on the fundamentals of:

3 important pillars to financial success

1. Business- To provide income
2. Investing- To keep and grow your income
3. Good/Excellent Credit- To save money, create leverage, and get approved on the things you want. (House, Vehicle, ect.)

1. Starting a business can be very daunting because of the risk that is involved as it can be expensive and time consuming.

I will show you how you can start a business of your own for a low cost where you will be provided all of the tools, training and support you will need.

2. Investing does not have to be hard and isnt as risky as it may seem. You just need to follow a very short set of rules, and you dont need a lot of money to get started! Trust me you will wish you started investing a long time ago if you havent already.

3. Establishing or Rebuilding good/excellent credit will be easier for some than others depending on your situation. I will show you how the credit bureaus rate your credit and what to look out for. If there are any complications and you need a service, I know an expert.

All of this content is very practicable and is designed to get you started as soon as possible for little to no cost.

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