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About the Presentation: "NoSQL" and "Big Data" are nebulous, misleading terms, but we appear to be stuck with them. John will talk about why relational databases make sense for most use cases, but what to do when you need more storage, availability, or flexibility. To compare the solutions available today, we'll focus on two key ideas: the tradeoff between data consistency and availability, and the role that internal structure plays in determining the characteristics of database. Einstein's theories of relativity may make a cameo appearance. John will use a Riak cluster and to talk about availability and the new distributed data types in Riak 2.0.

About the Presenter: John Daily is a software engineer for Basho Technologies, the company that created Riak, a distributed database designed for maximum availability and horizontal scalability. He has a passion for pragmatic programming languages such as C, Perl, and Erlang. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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