Welcome to JUnit 5


About the Presentation: After more than a decade of waiting JUnit 5 is here! So beyond adding poop emojis to the names of my unit tests, what does JUnit 5 offer? This presentation will cover the new features coming in JUnit 5 and how to migrate your test suite to using the new version of the popular test framework.

It’s been a little more than a decade since JUnit 4 was released and a lot of has changed in the Java world, it’s time our testing framework changed too! JUnit 5 was a top down rewrite of the popular unit testing framework and during this presentation we will look at the goals of the rewrite and how the new programming model will provide more flexibility when writing your test cases.

This presentation will also cover how to migrate your existing test suite to JUnit 4, both in the initial switch, which is a simple dependency change, but also the more laborious and complex task of getting your existing tests to start running on JUnit 5 natively.

About the Presenter: Billy Korando is a software consultant with Keyhole Software. Billy has over ten years of experience in software development and has worked in the exciting industries like finance, healthcare, insurance, and shipping.