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The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFO's and Their Spiritual Mission,

Unusual spacecraft have been spotted in our skies and documented for many decades. Crop circles, with their magnificent beauty and intricate designs, have baffled scientists, artists, and mathmeticians. Since December 2008, reports have come forth from around the globe of a mysterious star-like phenomenon appearing in the sky, moving, changing colors and shapes. You can be sure something extraordinary is afoot...


This meetup group is dedicated to educating as many of us as are interested in the extraordinary events happening in the skies all over the world. We suggest that these "UFO" events are for a beneficial purpose to our Earth humanity, and that without the intervention of our Space Brothers from Mars, Venus and other planets, life on Earth would be unsustainable.

At these meetups, we present updated information about this extraordinary time in human history and the depth of concern which has prompted our friends from other planets, plus humanity's great spiritual Teachers to come and help humanity through one of its most difficult transitions. Free and open to the public.

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Angelika Film Center & Cafe - Dallas

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