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Do Stuff. Reflect. Connect.

Gathering Ground is a collaboration of people who listen, learn, and act together on the path to becoming more real.

We are people of many ages, incomes, and beliefs who meet in a city of wealth disparity, generational cliques, and diverse spiritualities. We find that gathering to creatively share practices, stories, and snacks is deeply connecting. Often playful, sometimes raw, there is something about doing and reflecting together that makes space for authentic questions and deep listening. We are on equal footing after mutual sharing, rather than a relationship of helper/receiver. Practicing connection to a deeper wisdom, together we are more present for our world’s deep needs.

People in our gathering call this yearning for meaning by various names: spirit, higher power, collective unconscious, mystery, Gaia, becoming real. On this gathering ground, we know we are enriched by each other’s paths.

Whether you encounter truth by writing, balancing rocks, walking a labyrinth, or reading Harry Potter, come on in.

In 2019, we plan to meet at least twice a month, sometimes more.

•On the first Sunday of the month, we host 2 activities:

A Coffeeshop writing group. 2pm - 4pm.

A Justice Vigil, Standing for the Common Good. Bring a sign or we'll provide some. 12pm - 1pm

• On the third Sunday of the month, we workshop an activity that prompts meaningful reflection, 2pm-4pm.


We partner with the Love Wins Love project, a community of unhoused & housed folks who bring art projects into neighborhoods to build relationships & respect. We share members, events, and hopes for our region.
We commit to work toward justice in the linked oppressions of race, income, gender, and orientation within ourselves and within cultural systems.

Gathering Ground is an independent program who partners with University Congregational UCC, a progressive Christian church.

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