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Hello everyone,

I am the assistant of an author of a self help book that talks about spirituality, limiting beliefs and the law of attraction. Christine Denis is the author of Armed for Greatness, that is now available on Amazon. Her book will also be available in French on December 1, 2018 under the name of "S'armer pour la gloire". She is currently giving workshops in the Gatineau/Ottawa area. She is also a guest speaker.

In her book and workshops, you will learn:

-To recognize your self-defeating patterns and how to change them into self-fulfilling ones.

-To give yourself tools to understand your thoughts and where they come from, to heal your pain, and to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.

-To learn to identify and deal with bullying and abuse, find the self-confidence to step out of the role of victim, and become an empowered person.

-Know how to attract to you the people, opportunities and things that will bring you peace, joy and love.

-Learn how to identify the beliefs that are hurting you and how to clear them.

What I've learned the most from her is to feel that I am cherished, I am loved and I am powerful.

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You have a story to write - Self-Publish by April 2021

Online event

If I can do it, you can do it! The road to getting your story written and self-published isn't that hard. Just sit back with a notepad and a pen and I'll explain how I did it. You can ask me as many questions as you'd like. This is a bilingual group so if need be, I can translate as I go. Meet up starts at 9 a.m. After we get to know each other for a few minutes, I'll go through the steps of how I wrote and published both of my books in less than 5 months. If you have a dream of writing your story, of seeing your name on your book in 2021, this event is for you. I look forward to meeting you. Christine


Online event

Feeling lost and in need of guidance? This workshop is a good start. If you want to change careers or want to know where you are headed, this workshop is for you! Are you unhappy at work, or do you have a passion that you would like to develop? Then sign up now! By participating in this interactive workshop, you will learn: - how to discover your passion or what to do if you don't have one; - make plans for the immediate and long-term future by setting goals; - discover your life mission; - how to write a mission statement; You will explore proven tools that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Through my original and personalized approach, I will help you discover your unique identity, your personal mission, the one that will help you blossom, get up happy in the morning and give meaning to your life. **** This workshop is three hours. You will be provided with a workbook and guidance for your life journey. The cost is $78. Please register directly on my website www.reinventing-ourselves.com / From the menu, click on the online programs to find the activity. I look forward to meeting you. Christine

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Attract the Love of your Life - 5 Step Plan -ONLINE

Online event

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